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Self-checkout has made its way to Glazier’s Family Market

Local residents may have recently noticed a new feature at Glazier’s Market in downtown Kanab: automated check­out stations. Curious about the addition, the SUN contacted Glazier’s General Manager Jay Mi­chelson to ask about the new self-service checkout lanes.

Glazier’s employee Gwen Corson helps customers at the self-checkout kiosk. Photo by Don Jennings.

Opened in 1983 and a mainstay business in town, Glazier’s Market is one of two grocery stores serving Kanab. Located at the junction of Hwy 89 and 89A, Glazier’s sells grocery items, produce and baked goods, along with a wide range of local goods and services.

Michelson noted that customer service has always been a priority at Glazier’s, and that the addition of the automated checkout kiosk is part of providing it. Asked if the new technology has replaced any staff at the market, he said, “Not a single person has been let go,” adding that the automation allows their employees to be efficient, spending more time with customers and in areas where they’re needed.

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There’s no question that automated checkout is familiar to many, but what about customers who enjoy the personal in­teraction at the register? That’s where Glazier’s employees, like Gwen Corson come in. There’s a register at the end of the automated checkout lanes, and Gwen can often be found there chat­ting up the customers and answering questions as they checkout. “The young kids love it,” she said, describing a time when 40 teenagers exited a school bus and filed into the store. Almost all of them only wanted one or two items, and the famil­iar tech allowed them to complete their transac­tions quickly. Michelson noted that the same thing is true of busloads of tour­ists, who often only need one or two items, know exactly what they want and value being able to check out easily.

Whether you’re a tour­ist, a student or a busy local, Gwen’s expertise and cheerful personal­ity brighten up every transaction at the self-checkouts, no matter how many items you have in hand.

And if taking things a bit more slowly is your preference, the same can be said for all of the checkout staff at Glazier’s who will still be waiting with a friendly smile and a warm greeting while scanning your groceries “the old fashioned way.”

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