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Precious Gems triumphant return from Nationals Dance Competition

Brittany Hoyt, the tirelessly ebullient Director of her Precious Gems Dance Studio in Orderville says, “We took about 40 dancers up to Lagoon for the Nationals Dance Competition and came home with all First High Gold, First and Second- Place Awards. So, every girl worked so hard. They put 150 percent into their dances! They’ve so excelled past last year. They’ve really just grown as a team, and personally, and as friends. And they’ve just turned into the cutest Dance Family. We came home with a lot of Queen and High Gold trophies in the Soloist. They did their very best: they just did amazing!”

L-R, front row: Norah Hoyt, Harper Hoyt, Remi Johnson, McCoy Cox, Jemma Staples, Sammi Osterhout and Sawyer Sharkey. L-R, middle row: Meliea Franklin, Amelia Staples, Braylee Baird, Meah Hoyt, Kassidee Sharkey, Elleyna Nelson, Oakley Roundy, Harley Sharkey, Lily Barrick, Carmen Lamb, Maycee Millard, Clara Lee, Paisley Nakayama, Lexi Sorensen, Rosa Lacey, Morgan Macinnis and Paige Nakayama. L-R, back row: Lily Pavlides, Norah Jennings, Adalyn Cooper, Bella Barrick, Krysta Nelson, Sheridyn Hoyt, Jaylee Hoyt, Roxee Hoyt, Desi Sorenson, Rylee Pavlides, Kenzi Sorenson, Addie Staples, Mallory Sorenson and Bella Hoyt. Not pictured: Oakley Sharkey and Lily Lacey. Photo courtesy of Director Brittany Hoyt.

Adorned with their High Gold Queen First- Place sashes, Meah Hoyt as Alice and Maycee Millard as the Queen of Hearts performed in their “Wonderland” duet choreographed by Jaylee Hoyt. There were around 800 dancers of every age and skill-level in the two-day all-day event doing routines on four stages throughout the park in front of four judges each. The five competitive categories were in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Character.

This elite troupe will be presenting their entire two-hour Review at 6:30 p.m., on May 19, at the North Events Center in Orderville. And, of course, it’s freely open to the public.

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