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Pigskin Predictions Winner Week #1

Scott Buckner edged out five other players who also had nine correct in week #1 of the SUN’s Pigskin Prediction football contest. Scott’s tiebreaker guess of 450 was only six away from the total number of points scored in all 10 games, 444. The other top prognosticators with nine right were John Hiscock, Mike Davis, Scott Eggenberger, April Riddle and Andrea Gilberg.

Alivia Swapp presents Scott Buckner, winner of week #1 in our Pigskin Predictions football contest, a check representing $50 off his electric bill from Garkane Energy. Congrats Scott.

In the battle of spouses - Andrea edged out Daniel Gilberg 9-8; Becca Glover was one better than Kerry 8-7; April Riddle was two up on Donnie 9-7; while Homer Blankenship is off to a quick 7-4 lead over Pat. Darcie Alldredge showed no mercy on her husband, getting six of 10 right - to Garrett’s two - to claim bragging rights for the week. Garrett, I won’t tell everyone you came in last, but no one else had less than four right.

Alivia Swapp beat her fellow co-worker Neal Brown 7-4. Come on Neal, picking the Saints over my Packers (although it didn’t look like a bad pick through three quarters), and always picking the “other” Saints, BYU, no matter who they play.

I didn’t start the season with a stellar effort, with only seven true picks. The worst part about week #1 was letting Mike Davis beat me! Jo Mc- Fadden also had seven correct, so both of us are two behind our neighbor and friend, John Hiscock. F o r Scott’s incredible foresight, he wins a $50 credit (or cash) from week #1 sponsor, Garkane Energy.

I’ll try to make the picks a little more challenging this week. With six people getting nine of 10, I must have made it too easy last week. Good luck to everyone … and choose wisely.

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