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Parade awardees and park festivities; Fourth of July 2023 was Kanab’s “biggest yet”

As another successful Fourth of July rolled by, Kanab celebrated with the traditional day of para floats, city park festivities and fireworks at the end of the evening. According to county officials who helped plan the day’s events, the holiday included “45 parade entries and 26 vendors at the park. The biggest yet.”

A panel of city and county officials judged the parade’s various categories, with the 45 entries following the traditional route along Center Street and back. Attendance was good, both at the parade and at the subsequent park festivities.

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The fireworks display that capped off the evening had a peculiar ebb and flow to it this year, with the launches coming in waves, with each wave capped by a small “end of act” finale and brief pause to reload. Some visitors were left wondering which would be the true finale, but as the final wave fired, one attendee could be heard saying, “No question after that - see, I had faith.”

The public fireworks show concluded safely, with no resultant fire hazards - though the fire departments of both Kanab and Fredonia reported a few individual fires that coincided with private use of fireworks, those were contained with minimal damage.

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