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New Kanab City Manager feels at home in the small-town environment

Kyler Ludwig recently started as the new Kanab City Manager, and he’s hit the ground running.

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Kanab City Manager Kyler Ludwig at his desk in the Kanab City Offices. Photo by Don Jennings.

A Utah native raised in Orem, Ludwig graduated with a degree in Political Science from University of Utah, going on to acquire an MPA (Master of Public Administration) at the University of Kansas.

“The reason I was attracted there is their program is very focused on local government management. After graduating I worked at a few different cities in Kansas, and it helped me understand how much I love small towns,” said Ludwig. “The sense of community and pride is hard to find anywhere else.”

“The people who work in city offices are people you know,” Ludwig continued. “They’re your neighbors. You know the city council. It’s not a high and mighty group that you never talk to. Their kids go to school with your kids and play baseball with your kids. The sense of community in a town like Kanab makes it the kind of place I want to raise my own family. Ordinary people who care can make an impact here.”

Ludwig and his wife have four children under the age of five, three boys and a girl.

“They are feisty,” he said, chuckling. “They are a silly, fun bunch.” Finding a place to live and raise his family was a priority for Ludwig when considering the position, and his enthusiasm for the unique beauty of Kanab is clear.

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He describes the interview process as professional and thorough. “I got to meet with many different members of the community, including city council members and had a chance to bring my whole family here to visit.”

Ludwig had been in the position for two weeks when we met for this interview, saying, “There’s a lot to take in. The city has so many functions, from police and fire, to parks, recreation, utilities and more. The last two weeks have been a good opportunity to take a look at the services we provide here in Kanab. They’re similar to other communities, and every community has unique challenges. It’s been an exciting time of learning.”

Asked about his hopes for the position, he said, “It’s a matter of building the community while keeping the community we have. I’m impressed with the love of Kanab I’ve seen from staff and the people who live here. It’s an innovative community. It’s a community that is resilient. These are the things about Kanab I’d like to help preserve.”

It’s clear Ludwig is enthusiastic about his new position, and the city is sure to be well served by his expertise and dedication. On behalf of everyone in town: Welcome to Kanab, Kyler Ludwig and family!

You’ll find our new City Manager at the Kanab City offices Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You can also call 435-644-2543 to set up a time to meet.




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