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New ambulance at Kanab Fire funded by Kane County Hospital

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fleet of emergency vehicles that provide services to the City of Kanab and Kane County.

Photo submitted by Kanab City Fire Department.

Our new ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology that will enable your emergency service providers to deliver the best emergency care possible. The ambulance is also equipped with high-tech communication systems for our medical providers to communicate with hospitals and other emergency responders in real time, ensuring quick and effective treatment.

For almost two years, the City of Kanab has partnered with Kane County Hospital to provide emergency medical services for the surrounding area - over 2000 square miles that extend from East Zion to Lee’s Ferry, Coconino County, all of North Kaibab Plateau, Fredonia and communities east of Kanab upwards into Johnson Canyon. The partnership between the Kanab Fire Department and Kane County Hospital highlights the importance of collaboration between emergency responders and healthcare providers to enhance the quality of care provided to our patients in emergency situations. As partners, we are committed to working together to improve emergency medical services in Kane County, and ensure that the residents have access to the best possible care when they need it the most. This new ambulance is owned and supplied by Kane County Hospital and staffed by Kanab City firefighters who are also advanced emergency medical technicians, with some in the department looking to obtain paramedic licenses.

Our team is excited about this new ambulance with its enhanced capabilities. It brings advanced life support systems allowing medical professionals to provide critical care to patients while on the move; for example, a self auto loading gurney, which will enable faster loading times while reducing the risk of back injuries. The city of Kanab is grateful to be in such a productive relationship with Kane County Hospital that provides the funding to ensure the residents of Kanab and Kane County are well taken care of in their time of need. The members of the Kanab fire department are especially grateful for the support that is given and provided by Kane County Hospital; without their support the Kanab City Fire Department would not have the budget required to properly provide these needed services.

The fire department is now fully staffed with 12 full time members, and we are always looking for more volunteers to help support the full-time crews when resources become limited, especially during the busy summer season. The hospital is always accepting volunteer EMTs who are also greatly needed and appreciated for the work they do on their own time to provide care to residents of the county. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in becoming a part of any of these agencies feel free to contact Chief Brett Pierson at (435) 644-2718 or Stewart Willoughby (435) 644-4144.



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