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Mi Casa Su Casa at Pipe Springs – stop by on your next trip across the Strip

There are some excel­lent options for Mexi­can food in the Kanab area, so I’m always just a little skeptical when someone recommends me a new spot serving tacos, tortillas, tortas and the like - after all, that means the ques­tion is no longer “How is the food?” but rather, “Can the food compare to the competition?” I’ll be up front with this one - I am delighted to say I think that Mi Casa Su Casa, situated adjacent to the gas sta­tion at Pipe Springs heading toward Colo­rado City and Hurri­cane, does indeed set themselves apart with good food and a unique location.  

Photo by Ty Gant.

As I widen my range a bit, taking the fa­miliar drive through Fredonia and on to the Arizona Strip toward St. George, I figured this might be a good place to refuel - my car with gasoline, yes, but also a quick moment to fuel up myself. So, that meant as I popped into Mi Casa Su Casa for a bite to eat, they had some extra time pressure on them; I had a trip to get back to, so the food’s quality might be secondary to how efficiently it could be prepared.

Much to my joy, the Carne Asada Torta with beans and rice I ordered met my standards for both quality and speed - I was surprised with a torta that very clearly had a lot of care put into its flavor and composition. In my experience, when it comes to Mexican food, chefs can put a little too much stock in heavily seasoned meat to carry the flavor of a dish, to the neglect of other components, but Mi Casa Su Casa’s torta had a crisp, vinegary note that was a refreshing complement to the classic savory of good carne asada. The bread had an excellent texture too - I acknowledge the specialty of restaurants like Mi Casa Su Casa is often in its corn shells and tortillas, so I definitely appreciated the care put into getting a less signature item just right too.

Now, “on the road” destinations like Mi Casa Su Casa always have one additional crucial consideration: how does it settle after you’re done with your meal? More than one road trip of mine has gone from perfectly pleasant to utterly miserable following a meal choice that was a little too strong for my stomach on the road. Mi Casa Su Casa, however, was well suited to that role, with plenty of rice to provide a settling base for the rest, beans that weren’t overly seasoned or packed with artificial tastes and probably most importantly, easy means to pack up unfinished food to take on the go without wasting any leftovers. I fully intend to go back for a burrito to see if I can unwrap it cleanly and eat it in the car without making a mess!

As for the service experience, Mi Casa Su Casa was very clean. I’m talking spotless, and somehow they did it without filling the dining area with the smell of chemicals - a miracle in this business! The staff was friendly and accommodating, with the gentleman who took my order - I’m guessing a member of the management staff, if not the owner outright, considering he took my order, cooked the food, helped with the cleaning and conversed with the clientele all at once - making great recommendations and willingly adjusting my order to taste.

In all, I can recommend Mi Casa Su Casa out at the Pipe Springs Food Court - I’ll be going back myself to further explore the menu, so perhaps I’ll see you there on your next trip across the Strip.

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