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Maloy takes Rural Utah; House Representative race and Valley Municipals still too close to call

As the election day tallying came to a close on Tuesday, September 5, voting results in Kane County showed Celeste Maloy as the overwhelming pick for the Republican Party’s choice to succeed Congressman Chris Stewart, with over 60 percent of the county’s votes. This was in contrast to the results earlier in the evening - the statewide race had favored Becky Edwards initially, as the high population but geographically smaller counties in central and northern Utah reported their results earliest.

According to the Associated Press tally, Edwards was ahead for a stretch of the night, but Maloy came back and regained the lead as the evening went on and the geographically larger rural counties like Kane started reporting their numbers. The race is still too close to call as the polls await counting of mailin and absentee votes, but as of this report, Maloy is in the lead.

On a more local scale, the election to fill the Orderville town council seats is still up in the air. Because the numbers are small, and many of the votes coming out of the Valley are mail-in or absentee, the results are much harder to call, and will take some time to finish tallying. For now, Chelcie Cox leads with 81 votes, followed by Shaun Sharkey with 77 and Emalene Lake with 60.

A similar story comes from the Glendale Town Council election, though with a more distinct lead in favor of Clint Porter with 70 Votes, followed by Paul Cox with 50 and Larry Stanger with 43.

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Big Water’s Town Council race favors Luke Mcconville with 56 Votes, followed by Keith Crowley and Hyrum Short with 36 and 27 votes respectively, and Vincent Olson not far behind at 23.

Due to the low number of votes involved and geographical distance to the County Office relative to the Statewide election, these Municipal results are subject to fairly major shifts over time. The Southern Utah News will follow up with County election officials as tallies become more decisive.

These results are unofficial for now as the grace period for posted votes and contests ticks down - still unofficial but more conclusive results will be available from the Associated Press by the end of Wednesday, September 6.

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