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Main sewer line backed up at KES - classes attended remotely

School and city workers unearthed the KES sewer main to find the issue causing the backup. Photos submitted by Kane County School District staff.

The main sewers backed up at Kanab Elementary School on the week of Monday, December 5, and according to the school district office, the building is untenable for students until the issue is resolved.

On Tuesday evening, Principal Trimble sent out a message to parents informing them of the issue and preparing for remote attendance starting Wednesday until the problem is resolved. As of the morning of Wednesday, December 7, the elementary school is equipped to have students attend their classes remotely by giving parents school-issued Chromebooks with Zoom installed.

Considering recent events, the school is well prepared for digital instruction for students at home.

In the meantime, the school and city’s maintenance staff are working toward a solution. As of Wednesday morning, the maintenance staff at the elementary school had identified the problem and were actively addressing the issue, so the district is optimistic about the students being able to return to school soon. The sewer main has already been unearthed and the workers are ready to begin repairs. The school district gave special thanks to Quade Johnson, the school’s custodians and the city workers for their prompt response and hard work to address the issue so quickly.

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More than one drain in the school showed evidence of the sewer line blockage.

According to individuals who work at the Kanab Elementary School, this incident - unpleasant as it was - proves again the necessity of the new elementary school that is currently under construction in the Ranchos area of Kanab. The new school will be up and running in a matter of months, and events like this remind the students and staff of the age of their current facility. The new school is on track to be ready for use in June of 2023.

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