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Locals protest the arrest of Shawna Cox at court hearing

Supporters of Shawna Cox, including Cliven Bundy, show up to support Shawna Cox during a court hearing on Tuesday, August 2.

On Sunday, July 31, Shawna Cox was arrested on a warrant that was issued on July 6, 2021. The charges stemmed from 1) DRIVING ON SUSP / REVOKED / DENIED W/PRIOR CONVICATION, - Class B Misdemeanor, 2) NO PROOF OF INSURANCE - Infraction, 3) SPEEDING - Infraction, 4) FAILED TO REGISTER OR EXPIRED REGISTRATION - Infraction. The warrant states: To Any Peace Officer in the State of Utah; You are commanded to arrest and deliver the defendant to the Kane County Jail.

A court hearing was held on Tuesday, August 3, at 9 a.m., where Cox agreed to understanding her rights regarding the first charges. Judge Gary Johnson read a second set of charges on driving on a suspended license,with the same set of penalties at which time Cox read the following statement, “I Shawna Cox stand by the affidavit filed in this case, which is in public records, I hold the Fifth, under the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments.” An affidavit was filed by Cox, suing Kane County.

It is common in the court system that if the defendant refuses to enter a plea, the judge will typically enter a not guilty plea on their behalf. The court then entered not guilty pleas on all charges on behalf of the defendant.

Outside the courtroom, a gathering ensued of those supporting Cox, with one supporter stating, “It was an unlawful detention, and without due process.” Another stated, “Not one of the offenses that he read that she was accused of, is an arrestable offense.”

At the time of court, bail had not been posted, but later that day bail was posted and Cox released.

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