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Local teens beautify the city one sign at a time

The June 16 issue of the SUN featured a story about the Kanab City Heritage and History Preservation Board’s Historic “Homes Sign Project.”

teen project
The Heritage & History Board’s “Home Signs Project” crew in the parking lot of the Kanab Center. Photos by Don Jennings.

Historic home signs were distributed around Kanab in the 1990s by volunteers from the Kanab Museum and Heritage House, along with a self-guided walking tour and accompanying brochure. In the years since they’ve weathered and faded a bit, with some having fallen, as well. This is where the enthusiastic teens from Kanab LDS 4th and 2nd wards join the story.

On Wednesday, June 22, Mace Glazier, Chairman of the Heritage & History Preservation Board, along with a half-dozen adult volunteers and about three times as many local teens, gathered in the parking lot at Kanab Center to start the project. Mace said, “We were looking for a service project to do in place of a regular youth night, and this seemed like a good one.”

work crew
Connie Weifel, Brooke Glazier, Chris Heaton and Clay Stewart layout the details of the home sign project.

Mace gathered everyone together, explaining the project and supplies. Steel wool, tape and cardboard would be used to clean and prepare the signposts and spray paint would give each one a fresh new look. The group divided up to accompany adult volunteers in their vehicles, each with an armful of supplies and a printed list of sign locations, and rolled out of the parking lot by 7:45 p.m.

work crew
(From left to right) Jeff Peterson, Mason Roundy, Jack Peterson, Ridlee Peterson and Lukus Wendling getting ready to start work on the James L. Bunting house’s historic sign.

I followed Jeff Peterson, his children Jack and Ridlee, and their friends Mason Roundy and Lukus Wendling to the James L. Bunting House on N 300 W. They found the historic sign laying on the grass in front of the house, and after a brief huddle decided to stand it up and complete the refresh, leaving the completed sign for the homeowner to place when it was done. Jeff and his crew were happy to pose for a quick photo before getting to work.

Small things add up to make big differences, and this project by the teens from the 4th and 2nd wards is a fine example of meaningful community service. Thank you, Mace, the adult volunteers, and all of the local teens who pitched-in to make Kanab a bit more beautiful.

If you own a historic home and are interested in obtaining a sign, contact the Kanab City Heritage & History Preservation Board via the Kanab Museum website for additional information at

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