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Kane County Sheriff Tracy Glover receives Rural Leadership Academy Certificate at One Utah Summit

Sheriff Tracy Glover was honored with a Utah Rural Leadership Academy graduate certification at the One Utah Summit in Cedar City, held the 3-4 October.

Kane County Sheriff Tracy Glover (center, sporting a cowboy hat) was recently honored with a Utah Rural Leadership certificate. Photo by Rob Johnson.

The award, granted at the behest of the Utah Governor’s Office and Southern Utah University, commends professional experience and academic excellence in the stated field: Rural Leadership in Sheriff Glover’s case.

The course, a one-year training curriculum in three blocks, recognized the program’s graduates’ “outstanding dedication to personal growth and their readiness to drive impactful change in rural settings.”

Per one source within the Sheriff’s Office, “It’s basically the University saying the Sheriff’s knowledge and experience is worth a diploma.” “[Sheriff Glover an expert in his field,” added a contact within the county offices, “and it’s good to see him be recognized for working so hard to be good at what he does.”

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