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Kane County Search and Rescue mobilize to help overheated traveler

On Saturday, July 22, Search and Rescue operators from Kane County were dispatched to cliffside sand caves just southeast of Moqui Cave.

Photos courtesy of Kane County Sheriff's Office.

In the early afternoon, just before 2 p.m., a visitor made the ascent up the steep, sandy climb to visit the sand caves. Upon reaching the top, she reported feeling woozy to the point of losing balance and passing out briefly. Her traveling party and some passersby helped her away from the cliff where she was able to settle safely while awaiting emergency services to come escort her down.

According to responders to the scene, the causes of the woman’s symptoms were dehydration and heat stroke. The Search and Rescue team brought water to the scene, and by use of gurney and ropes, were able to carry her safely down off the cliffs. She was then taken by ambulance to the Kane County Hospital.

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These episodes are a common occurrence this time of year, according to County Officials, but due to the unprecedented heat wave, this year is especially dangerous. Emergency services urge citizens to stay hydrated, keep electrolytes up and avoid activities like hiking or ATVing in the heat of the day - the incident reported above occurred during the hottest part of the day, when the west facing cliffside was exposed to direct sunlight.

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