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Kane County responds to fatal ATV accident in Hog Canyon

It is with deep sadness that the Kane County Sheriff’s Office reports the untimely death of a 56-year-old man from an ATV accident on a challenging trail north of Kanab. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends affected by this tragic incident.

At approximately 2:07 p.m. on August 25, 2023, deputies from Kane County Sheriff’s Office along with a BLM Ranger and emergency medical technicians from Kanab Fire Department responded to a distress call regarding an ATV accident on Trail #4 Of the Hog Canyon Trail System north of Kanab. A medical helicopter was also requested to respond to the scene. The victim, 56-year-old David Matthews from Washington, Utah, was riding ATVs with his father when the accident occurred.

Because of the remote location of the accident, it took time for emergency personnel to arrive. Despite the quickest arrival possible of emergency medical services, the victim succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Members of another passing ATV group had provided CPR before the arrival of emergency personnel. Classic Air Medical transported the Victim to the Kanab City Airport, where he was turned over to Mosdell Mortuary to be transported to the Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the accident occurred due to the nature of the trail. Trail #4 has long been recognized as one of the more challenging routes in our county, demanding skill and caution from riders. There have been several severe accidents, including other fatalities on this trail. We would like to remind all ATV enthusiasts to exercise extreme caution when navigating this or any other of the numerous ATV trails in Kane County. Our county is known for its beautiful surroundings and pleasing landscapes. We hope that all who come to enjoy our area will return home safely.

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Sheriff Glover expresses his deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased. Losing a loved one is never easy, and our thoughts are with them during this difficult time. We understand the pain and grief they are experiencing, and we assure them of our continued support.

We urge all ATV enthusiasts to adhere to the following safety guidelines while enjoying our trails:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the difficulty level and potential hazards of the trail before embarking on your ride.

  2. Wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets, goggles and protective clothing.

  3. Always ride within your skill level and exercise caution at all times.

  4. Avoid riding alone whenever possible and inform someone of your intended route and estimated return time.

  5. Maintain your ATV in optimal condition and perform regular safety checks before each ride.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office extends its gratitude to Kane County’s deputies and dispatchers, BLM law enforcement, Kane County EMS and Classic Air Medical personnel who swiftly responded to the scene. Their professionalism and dedication are commendable.

The incident is still under investigation and we kindly request that the privacy of the victim’s family be respected during this period of mourning. The Kane County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide support and assistance to them in any way we can.




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