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Kane County Commission candidate profiles

Listed by seat, in alphabetical order by last name.

Andy Gant, Commission Seat A

What made you want to run for public office?

My public office career started four years ago when I was first elected to the county commission. I wanted to run because of the values and heritage we’re trying to protect in this county. I saw the good work past commissioners had done, and recognized how unbelievably important the county commissioner role was and is. I wanted to protect and continue all that good work as a legislator, responding to the public and being responsible for the well-being of the county. In this coming election, I am running on my experience and my record. As of this term coming to an end, I am the senior member of this commission. I have four years of experience already. If I were to be voted out, the most senior member of the commission, for all the good work that he does, will have just two years of this experience. This county is facing a crucial moment in its development, with ongoing issues that require urgent resolution, and as Abraham Lincoln said “You don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.”

What do you think is the most critical issue facing your community and how will you address it if elected?

Although there are many tough issues facing the county, the most critical issue is federal overreach. The Biden Administration made quick work of expanding the Monument and now they are working just as aggressively to shut it down. Just like government shutdowns during the pandemic, when they shut down our Monument our economy will suffer right along with it. Jobs that are not hospitality related will immediately decline, and our hospitality industry - our hotels, motels and restaurants - will be soon to follow because of the reduced tourism. Culturally and economically we have to protect our grazing, our ranching, and our agricultural way of life. This very literal shutdown of the Monument by restricting access, closing roads, and taking away the voice of local residents in how their own land is getting used is federal overreach at its worst. I plan to keep fighting it with all the energy I have. My record speaks for itself.

Why do you feel you are qualified for this position?

I have four years of experience as a commissioner. I have many years beyond that of private business experience. I have observably demonstrated in the past that I am fiscally conservative, and I am concerned with the financial health of this county – which has significantly improved since I have been in office. We’re in a better place financially than we have been in many, many years. I run on my record. If anyone has any questions on my qualifications, check the financial records of the county.

Are you for or against the tax reinvestment granted to private developers on the East Zion Project?

For. This was an issue when I ran four years ago. I opposed East Zion as it was designed then, because the health of the county was put at risk by having the taxpayer be ultimately responsible for the funding if the project did not go as planned. The taxpayer was liable in that case, so I refused it. I support it now, because we have removed all obligations on county taxpayers from the plan. It generates huge amounts of revenue for the county, without putting the taxpayer at risk.

Are you for or against the Biden administration’s new management plan for the Monument in Kane County?

To quote the Biden Administration’s proclamation on the Grand Staircase and the Interim Management Plan: “Typical multiple use management is superseded by the direction in Proclamation 10286 to protect monument objects. Multiple uses are allowed only to the extent that they are consistent with the protection of the objects.” Uses are allowed only if they protect historical objects. Quoting the proclamation again: “outdoor recreation, including rock climbing, hunting, backpacking, canyoneering, river running, mountain biking and horseback riding, that are drivers for the local travel and economy. While recreation is an important part of the user experience in Grand Staircase, these activities do not fall into the category of objects for which the monument was designated.” No fear-mongering or exaggeration here. By the federal government’s own documentation, the Grand Staircase is not designated for outdoor recreation, which is a driver for local travel and tourism economy. I’m pro-outdoor recreation. I’m pro-local travel and tourism economy. Therefore I am against the Monument’s designation and management plan as the federal government envisions it. To continue quoting the interim management plan. “The Secretary will retire from livestock grazing the lands covered by such permits or leases pursuant to the processes of applicable law. Forage shall not be reallocated for livestock grazing purposes … Thus, if the BLM denies, or places conditions on, a particular right-of-way grant in order to protect objects, that decision would still conform to the governing resource management plan. That said, in the rare event that there is an actual conflict between the Proclamation and the governing resource management plan, the proclamation controls.” Forage shall not be reallocated for livestock grazing purposes. If there is an actual conflict, the Proclamation, not the BLM controls. By the federal government’s own documentation, the Proclamation on the monument supersedes even the BLM’s management plan. I am pro-grazing. I am pro-local control of local land. Therefore I am against the Monument’s designation and management plan as the federal government envisions it.

What is your plan for economic growth in Kane County?

I support private property rights. There’s an important distinction to make here. We have to strike a careful balance: if you own land, you don’t want your neighbor telling you what to do with your land. But, you also don’t want your neighbor to develop some enormous project that destroys the essence of your neighborhood. So, we need to limit commercial development to areas that reasonably can be developed. For one example, does an area have commercial highway access, or will they drive traffic through our neighborhoods and subdivisions? Kane County’s primary tool for making sure we develop responsibly is good planning and zoning, good consistent infrastructure that can support such a project. If it makes sense for a commercial area to develop commercially, great. If it’s imposing on a residential area like a neighborhood, that plan needs another look. However, it is important to know that many of these decisions, especially in incorporated areas, are outside of the county’s jurisdiction. Issues of power and water utilities aren’t part of the commission or the county’s say.

What else would you like to say to the residents of your community?

I am running because I want to protect what our ancestors created when they moved to Kane County. I’m a transplant. I moved here more than thirty years ago, because Kane County had something special - and I want to see it continue to have that something special. I want that spirit, that culture, that heritage, to continue to exist. I want to see that same Kane County spark twenty years from now, just like I saw it thirty years ago. If you want to see your way of life preserved, your rights to your land in Southern Utah preserved, and your economy continue to flourish under the leadership of the people who live here and care because it’s their land too, write in Andy Gant for Seat A.


Patty Kubeja, Commission Seat A

What made you want to run for public office?

I have been in public service most of my adult life. I saw a need at the county commission level for change. I have 26+ years of proven leadership experience as an Army logistics officer. I know I can provide honest, strong, dedicated and transparent leadership for the residents of Kane County. My main objective as a county commissioner is to be a voice for all citizens of the county and bring honesty and transparency to our local government.

What do you think is the most critical issue facing your community and how will you address it if elected?

I think the most important issue that Kane County citizens are concerned about right now is the sudden rapid growth and development in our county. Southern Utah is growing faster than at any time in its history. Out-of-area, big developers are lining up to build every acre of our private land, if we let them. Growth must be slow, reasonable and managed, so as not to harm our great quality of life here and to make sure we have the resources to support new homes and residents. Like county leaders have done in the past, we must continue to “grow with grace” and not throw away our history and heritage for a few quick bucks.

Why do you think you are qualified for the position?

After serving as an officer in the US Army for 26 years, to include three combat tours and being a jumpmaster in the 82nd Airborne Division, I have proven that I can handle difficult situations. I have many years of proven leadership experience as a senior logistics officer. I am ready to selflessly serve the amazing people of Kane County as your next county commissioner. I am not beholden to anyone, except you: the citizens of Kane County. I will serve the People each and every day that I am in office.

Are you for or against the tax reinvestment granted to private developers on the East Zion Project?

I strongly oppose our current county commissioners agreeing to give up to $97 million (80 percent of all new taxes) back to private developers in the small East Zion Project area in western Kane County. I also oppose the county’s debt service agreement to back up the $25 million in state loans granted to the Zion Mountain Local Service District (ZMLSD) to build a visitor center and a water reclamation system. At the October 6, Utah CIB loan hearing, Commissioner Brent Chamberlain told the board members that county taxpayers, through the county Redevelopment Agency (RDA), would guarantee the $850,000 annual payments if there is not enough money in the TIF account. This directly contradicts repeated claims by Andy Gant and other county officials that no county taxpayer dollars would ever be used to develop the East Zion area. I am a strong proponent of small government and firmly believe that free market enterprise should invest in private developments without using taxpayer-funded government subsidies.

Are you for or against the Biden’s administrations New Management Plan for the Monument in Kane County?

Public Lands belong to the people and it is criminal for the Federal Government to try to take away the rights and privileges for the public to use them responsibly. Public lands must remain open for all modes of recreation including offroad vehicles, hiking, horseback riding, camping and livestock grazing. A large majority of the land in Kane County, about 95 percent, is owned by various government agencies. For almost 25 years, the citizens of Kane County have been on the front lines fighting for land and road use rights here in Kane County. For the past seven years, I have been part of that fight as a citizen and a leader in the local ATV Club. What is your plan for economic growth in Kane County? Capitalism and free market enterprise are what make America so great. The county government should provide a friendly business environment to attract new businesses and then private enterprise will flourish. There is danger in having an economy that relies heavily on the tourism industry, due to the unknown circumstances in the world and the fluctuating economy. I support diverse, but appropriate businesses coming into our small rural towns and communities.

What else would you like to say to the residents of your community?

I won the Republican Primary in June because my platform and vision for the future of our county appealed to the majority of the voters and residents. I am endorsed by many local civic groups and dozens of community leaders. I am ready for the challenges ahead and want to be part of the team that leads Kane County into the future. Every citizen in Kane County is important in this effort to help preserve this remarkable place that I am proud to call home. Let’s all work together to keep our county “magically unspoiled.” A vote for Patty is a vote for strong leadership, transparency and integrity! For more information, please visit my Facebook page: Patty Kubeja for Kane County Commissioner, and contact me any time if you have any questions or ideas.

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Pat Horning, Commission Seat B

What made you want to run for public office?

I have noticed the various communities of our county are not given equitable consideration from county government when money is spent. People want their tax dollars used to benefit existing communities, while the county is handing out financial breaks to developers. For example, the Commission ignored the voters’ wishes on Prop 10 and worked around the “No” vote to give a $97 million tax break to East Zion investors. Numerous land use decisions are also being made that degrade the quality of life of rural residents. I want to deal with these problems and bring honesty and integrity back to the Commission.

What do you think is the most critical issue facing your community and how will you address it if elected?

The two biggest challenges we face today are Growth and Water.

Local and out of the area investors are working to make a quick buck on their developments. I believe that our county government must wisely manage this growth so this it does not destroy the quality of life we have here in our rural county. If elected, I will push for a review of our county’s General Plan that will include input from residents of all communities in our county. I will vote to charge equitable impact fees for all new development, so that local residents don’t have to pay more taxes. Development should pay for itself and not be funded by public money or increased taxes.

The future growth of our county will be determined by water. Heading into the 24th year of critical drought, every decision we make should first consider how much water will be used. There has never been a comprehensive study done to ascertain how much water we actually have. Towns in Arizona, California and even Cedar City are struggling to deliver water to their residents. Mike Noel is completing a water study, but this study will probably be a rehash of outdated information from previous studies in the past. This study will not accurately tell us how much water we are depleting from our drought-impacted water supply.

We must not sell our water to outside entities like frac sand mines. We must not waste our water on golf courses. I will make sure water is considered prior to any decision to approve developments and new industries.

I will work to coordinate a large scale, multiagency water study to determine our actual water supply now and into the future. Several years ago, Moab completed just such a study. They found out that they had one third less water than they expected. We need to know how much water we have before planning more growth.

Why do you feel you are qualified for the position?

I have worked 43 years with the National Park Service and 20 years as the Fire Chief of Big Water, Utah. My management experience taught me to follow strict rules on policy and procurement, and to follow the rule of law when dealing with taxpayer money. In the Park Service, I created and managed millions of dollars in a wide variety of projects, including road construction, utilities management, housing, solar electric power purchase agreements and much more. I was responsible for planning the facilities of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area for 10 years into the future, making sure funding was available for personnel and asset management. My efforts reduced the deferred maintenance of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by 69 percent.

My 20 years at Big Water Fire gave me the opportunity to build a professional and fully equipped fire department with extremely limited funds. It also gave me a working knowledge of how special service districts operate and are created in Kane County. I will bring these skills to our county government if elected (as?) your new Commissioner.

Are you for or against the tax reinvestment granted to private developers on the East Zion Project?

I believe that this multi-million dollar handout to resort developers is a bad idea for Kane County. Celeste Meyeres, Camille Johnson and Andy Gant have all been supporting this tax giveaway. Here is why I am against this tax increment financing (TIF) arrangement:

  • Local voters rejected Proposition 10 by a large majority, saying NO to public funding for an East Zion transportation shuttle system.

  • The Commissioners ignored the voters and arranged for a huge handout of public money anyway, for a shuttle system and resorts.

  • I believe that developments and businesses should pay their own way.

  • No other local businesses in Kane County have gotten this kind of break.

  • Promising to give back 80 percent of our property taxes and tourist taxes for 20 years reduces our county revenue and may easily increase our taxes.

  • The Kane County School District decided not to participate in this TIF handout to East Zion after seeing the results of their own fiscal study.

  • The Utah Taxpayers Association has been critical of TIF arrangements for retail and resort development, because these projects only provide for low paying jobs, while creating an increased burden on the housing and infrastructure of communities.

Are you for or against the Biden administration’s new management plan for the Monument in Kane County?

Some candidates have chosen to fear monger regarding our National Monument. They say no one will be able to access that land for anything but scientific purposes. This is simply not true. The public lands in our county are what make our economy work. The primary industry of our county is tourism. Without our public lands, there would be no tourism.

At this point there is no new GSENM Management Plan. The BLM has just begun a two-year process to complete this plan. The greatest influence over this planning process is not Joe Biden, but our local BLM office that manages the Monument. Everyone will be invited to comment on the Draft Monument Plan some time in 2023. We must partner with our land management agencies so that all parties will have a voice in creating a plan that works for us.

What is your plan for economic growth in Kane County?

In order to maintain our quality of life and create economic stability we must add diversity beyond the tourist industry. Light manufacturing, tech industries, affordable housing, improved local services and educational institutions are options that we may develop. We must develop policies that put our local businesses first, for these are owned and run by the people who live here. Too often, out of state corporations come into towns and co-opt the economies of these communities. Money earned by these corporations immediately leaves and is not reinvested in our communities. Our locally owned businesses need to be protected and supported by our local government so that the money earned stays with us. This is the healthiest outcome for rural communities.

Currently there is not enough housing for our families and workers in Kane County. Over 750 properties have been converted to vacation rentals, rather than housing for local residents. We need to look at this issue and develop policies and incentives that create more housing for local residents. I will focus on this issue.

We must provide opportunities for our young people in the form of good paying jobs. We must help the outlying communities beyond Kanab to develop these resources as well. I will provide support for these crucial economic issues as your Commissioner.

What else would you like to say to the residents of your community?

I have lived and worked in this area all of my life. I want to make sure our tax dollars are spent on the needs of those who live here. I want to make sure that we can look into our future with the assurance that our county will not be buried in debt that restricts our options for smart, planned growth. It has been my pleasure to serve you, the residents of Kane County, and I look forward to serving as your new Commissioner. The people of Kane County deserve to be heard and I will listen.


Camille Johnson, Commission Seat B

What made you want to run for public office?

I’ll admit, I was reluctant. Taking a serious pay cut if I win is no small thing. However, I feel compelled to apply my experience, and proven track record for results in a broader way to best serve Kane County during this challenging time. I am not politically ambitious; I want to serve the area that has provided a beautiful life for me and my family for so many generations. As we experience inevitable growth, I want to ensure that my grandkids will get to enjoy the same special community character that we all love - which has kept us here, brought us here or even brought us back.

I’ve worked for Kane County for over eight years and I’ve had a front-row seat to several iterations of the Board of Commissioners by now. I have seen the challenges they have faced firsthand and how good leadership can make a huge difference in our lives and happiness as county employees and as locals. I am willing to take my experience and knowledge, sacrifice my income and career path, to serve the people of Kane County in a broader way at this time.

What do you think is the most critical issue facing your community and how will you address it if elected?

The most critical issue facing our communities is change. The first is an unnecessary change being imposed on our public lands. The second is the necessary growing pains we feel in our communities. The Biden Administration approach is not friendly to Kane County. Regardless of your political party, I think we all recognize that the Monument and other public lands are intertwined economically, with the people, and heritage of Kane County. Many of you have seen or read the proposed monument plan. It would limit any activity that isn’t scientific. That means no guided tours, no grazing/ranching and no hunting. That would be devastating economically and culturally for Kane County! As a county with less than seven percent private land, the decisions the feds make can make us or break us. We have and maintain public access to public lands. I have relationships with our existing commissioners, other influential leaders throughout the state, many state legislators and the Governor’s Office. I have also worked with Monument and BLM managers since becoming tourism director and can work effectively with them. These relationships are critical at this time to fight for our continued access.

The growth we are experiencing has been accelerated and I think we all have concerns about how to protect our local quality of life, while balancing necessary growth to have adequate infrastructure, services, housing and workforce. As tourism director, my job has been to keep the visitor economy healthy and I have given it my whole heart. I have seen policy decisions being made to capitalize on tourism, but not working enough to protect the sanctity of our neighborhoods and communities. In all of these decisions regarding growth, locals should come first. Otherwise, we lose the spirit of our destination which makes it so attractive to visit. Our people and our community spirit matter as much as the landscapes that surround us. Of the five inspired principles of the Constitution, the first one is power to the people, according to my favorite scholar in this space, Dallin H. Oaks. The Constitution reserves all rights not explicitly outlined in the Constitution to the States and the People. We get to come up with local solutions that best meet the needs of our communities, while upholding the Constitution of the United States. We have brilliant, passionate and experienced people in this community that are a tremendous resource to draw from. As a Commissioner, I would be most concerned with serving the people. I won’t have all the answers, but I don’t need to. We are a Constitutional Democratic Republic and I would be a representative of the people of Kane County and would look to the expertise and insights of our informed locals to come up with optimal solutions.

Why do you feel you are qualified for the position?

I have over eight years experience working for Kane County and over 18,000 hours on the job. No other candidate for Commission Seat B has that kind of time and equity. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Administration. I have worked in TV and radio news, in finance, real estate and marketing. I have a broad background and all of these experiences have given me a skill set that can best serve Kane County, and our diverse communities at this time. I have served in numerous leadership capacities in multiple industries and I have the trust and respect of those who have worked closest to me. I have built relationships with other county department heads, local businesses and neighboring counties, with state leadership and even international consulates and business relationships. We are in a digital age but things get done through relationships.

Are you for or against the tax reinvestment granted to private developers on the East Zion Project?

I support the East Zion Initiative. Kane County is right to have a seat at the table in redesigning the entrance to one of the most famous National Parks in the world. I believe it is a visionary, public-private partnership. I understand the project well and have been involved in meetings going back more than six years. If you take away the complex layers of the RDA, CRA and TIF, in simple terms, millions of dollars will COME to Kane County and hundreds of jobs over the next twenty years that would not otherwise come. All this while protecting the natural character of the area adjacent to the Park and having meaningful, well thought out development that provides additional activities beyond the Park borders. By reducing the pressure and bottleneck in the Park the project could also forestall an economically devastating reservation system. As a voter who is learning about this project for the first time, I’m sure it is tempting to listen to the talking points of those who oppose the project. They would characterize it as giving away millions of your tax dollars to rich developers. These claims are simply not true. Don’t take my word for it, check out the UofU Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute’s findings and projections on this project.

Are you for or against the Biden administration’s new management plan for the Monument in Kane County?

It is hard to express my strong disagreement with the interim monument plan issued by the Biden Administration. I covered this in an earlier answer, so I’ll just reiterate that Biden’s plan disregards the devastating impacts to our local economy, industries and local quality of life. His top-down approach is a slap in the face to the principle of “power to the people” and maintaining control in the governments that are closest to the people. I will fight against this with every avenue possible to protect our access, yet continue to improve visitor behaviors on public lands through educational promotions.

What is your plan for economic growth in Kane County?

The most important thing for economic growth in Kane County is protecting and optimizing our existing local businesses and industries. I’m working with the current Kanab Area Chamber of Commerce to provide resources, tools and opportunities for our local businesses, which will ultimately increase their revenue, economic impact and jobs in Kane County and enhance the value proposition of our destination. We also have regional economic opportunities through the Inland Port Base Station in Iron County. The Port allows local producers to supply/ export in markets nationally and globally to meet demand WHILE keeping money IN Kane County. The opportunity to import has just increased tremendously as well which gives new business opportunities for locals. Our Business Summit this year will really focus on amplifying your business through local, regional and state resources which will benefit those looking to start a new business as well. Additionally, I’d like to work with our educational providers (USU, DSU, SUU, and SW Tech) to improve the opportunities for locals to be educated/ trained in areas that meet our local needs.

What else would you like to say to the residents of your community?

Your vote is personal. You don’t owe any candidate or any party anything. I hope you vote according to the dictates of your conscience for the candidate best equipped to serve Kane County. Please vote with confidence, not with fear. Regardless of the outcome of this election, remember that we are blessed and let’s find a way to move forward with an increased community unity and desire to do right by Kane County and our future generations. I hope that I am that candidate for you and if so, please vote for me by writing in my name, Camille Johnson, for Kane County Commission Seat B.


Celeste Meyeres, Commission Seat B

What made you want to run for public office?

I started serving in public office six+ years ago, first on Kanab Planning & Zoning for a couple of years, and then on Kanab City Council for the past four+ years.

My reason was that I started to see us get “citified” and I was worried that we were becoming so concerned with mandating that things “looked nice” and were uniform, that we were losing our functionality. I was worried that we were becoming like a giant HOA, and that there would be fewer opportunities for “regular folks” to actually live and work in Kanab.

I have really enjoyed being a legislator (City Councilor) for the people of Kanab, including everyday duties such as reviewing, suggesting edits for, and approving City contracts, budgets and ordinances.

Some projects and efforts, such as land use issues, moving the needle in a positive direction with State legislation which impacts us, and certain court battles to defend our County, are better fought on a County level. I’m already working with many of the key players across the State, and would be most effective in an official capacity as a Commissioner.

My overall philosophy of adhering to Constitutional principles is also a best fit for County over City administration.

What do you think is the most critical issue facing your community and how will you address it if elected?

It’s important to “keep the lights on” and provide stability for the County residents, staff and departments during this challenging time of growth, change and upheaval. So, keeping things steady as far as programs and services, as well as infrastructure, is a must.

And at the same time, we must also work as a unified team on the number ONE priority, which is, in my opinion, State and Federal overreach. This overreach grows exponentially, unless we push back strategically and cohesively.

Because we are far removed geographically from both Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C., and because both entities have more funding, people and power on their sides … our only chance is to fight harder, fight longer and fight smarter. Sometimes that means having a friendly meeting with one or two key players, sometimes it means making a bold position statement, proclamation or even, in extreme circumstances, bringing litigation. I have the ability and experience to see the best path forward, and to adjust my approach depending on the situation.

Why do you feel you are qualified for the position?

I know, and in many cases, have a good working relationship with the various stakeholders across platforms. I communicate and work regularly with residents, business owners and staff in Kane County, as well as decision-makers at SITLA (State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration), UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation), leadership from our neighboring Counties, members of our State and Federal Congress, etc.

I have staying power, attention span, dedication and discernment. These have carried me through countless public meetings and interactions, allowing me to be experienced in local government, and ready to be an effective Commissioner for you.

I regularly participate in conferences and trainings in areas such as community disaster preparedness and response for senior elected officials, land use and planning, Constitutional literacy, traffic and road infrastructure, financial audits, Open & Public Meetings Act adherence and all manner of related topics.

Not only do I have the know-how, I also adhere to the correct principles outlined in our Utah and United States Constitutions. Which means that, no matter how many years I am in office, I’ll retain my ability to avoid the trap of becoming “establishment,” catering to special interests or succumbing to expediency.

Are you for or against the tax reinvestment granted to private developers on the East Zion Project?

I am for local control. Ninety percent of the landowners outside of the east entrance to Zion National Park came together for this local-to-them project, which defers certain taxes, and, for a period of time, channels a portion of new tax revenue back into the local area for infrastructure and improvements, such as sewer and affordable workforce housing. The County has a facilitative role in helping the residents who are local to that area in setting up the Utah State program.

So, yes, I am for the East Zion locals utilizing this project in its current iteration! There have been other, separate initiatives, which have since been abandoned, such as creating a transit authority for a local/regional electric vehicle shuttle program (Prop 10). The transit authority isn’t going to happen. I only bring it up to clarify that voters were heard, and that’s now off the table.

Are you for or against the Biden administration’s new management plan for the Monument in Kane County?

I am against the management plan, which would commandeer roughly 90 percent of Kane County for scientific study, and ONLY scientific study. What I read states that anything that is not scientific study will be phased out or prohibited. That includes, to my understanding of the written words in the proposed plan and rules, the prohibition of hiking, ATVs, hunting, grazing, backpacking, bicycling, camping, etc.

I applaud steps taken by past and current County administrations to push back to protect our legal claim to County roads and right-of-ways, access for local and visiting public and use of the land and resources in order to allow ordinary citizens to live, work and raise families in the area.

I look forward to working as a team with nonprofits, fellow elected officials, and the citizenry to hold the line, or even to gain ground, in this crucial fight.

What is your plan for economic growth in Kane County?

The question of economic growth leads me back again to Constitutional principles. Principles such as allowing for equal opportunity; not necessarily forcing equal outcomes. Principles such as rights of individual sovereignty, travel, association and trade.

In a nutshell: My view is that the proper role of government is to impartially facilitate and allow private citizens and businesses to thrive, with very few exceptions:

  • Government should exercise authority when it comes to mitigating negative impacts and material injury on neighbors. If negative impacts cannot be reasonably mitigated, then a project should not be allowed.

  • Economic growth should be largely citizen-driven, even if the process isn’t streamlined. For example, if five new pizza restaurants open up, and no new Thai food restaurants … eventually, some of the pizza restaurants might go out of business … and possibly, a new Thai restaurant might open … or not. Still, I don’t see it as the proper role of government to put a cap on pizza restaurants, or to force one of the pizza restaurants to instead serve Thai food.

My view is that we, as elected officials, need to allow for diversification of our economy. I mean that we need to allow industry that is in addition to what has become our main economic driver (tourism), and to allow diversification within the tourism industry, such as:

• Different age groups of visitors

• Singles and couples as well as large families and groups

• Overnight guests as well as extended stays

• Formal accommodations as well as homesharing

• Outdoor recreation as well as indoor pursuits

• Rural activities as well as shopping and other city-based pastimes.

This allows us to be more resilient as an economy, to be more nimble in responding to market changes, and for a larger set of residents and families to be able to stay here, return here, and earn sustainable income here.

What else would you like to say to the residents of your community?

About 8,000 of us call Kane County home. While I haven’t had the chance to get to know all 8,000 just yet, I have enjoyed authentic and meaningful relationships with a very good many, from all over the County.

You know me to be steadfast, genuine, consistent and approachable. Perhaps that’s why I’ve repeatedly won your majority vote in past elections; Thank you!

I come to you prepared, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and I ask for your support and vote this November. My number is 435-689-0907 if you’d like to share any questions or ideas. Thank you for your interest and engagement in what goes on in Kane County!




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