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Kanab Volunteer Fire Department responds to grease fire

Around 1 p.m., on Monday, November 15, the Fire Department was called to respond to a grease fire in a home in the north part of Kanab.

Kanab’s Fire Station 1, at the ready even on snowy days. Photo courtesy of the fire department.

Engine 21 rushed to the scene with sirens on. There was a single occupant at home at the time - she put the burning pan in the oven to smother the flame, but with the grease at its ignition point, it reignited every time the oven door was opened, and fresh air was introduced. That’s when she called the fire department to respond. The fire was contained, and nobody was hurt in the incident.

According to the report from the Fire Department team that responded to the situation, “She did a good job, her reaction was on the money with no other solutions nearby. The oven is a good option if you have no other means available. It’s very likely you’ll damage your appliance and may need a replacement - but that’s better than replacing your house.”

The Fire Department’s responders emphasized the importance of never putting water on a grease fire. “When you’ve got a grease fire, you never put water on it. The best option is an A-B-C fire extinguisher that can deny oxygen. If you have a flame-retardant blanket or coat, you can smother it with, that’d work, but not everyone has a flame-retardant blanket laying around.”

Per the fire department, the occupant’s quick response limited the damage done by the fire, and it was good practice for getting the team suited up and responding to an incident. “It’s good when we get to put on the gear and respond, it means we’re doing our job. We got there, made sure the fire stayed out and helped her ventilate her house afterward. Nobody got hurt.”

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