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Kanab's youngest mayor presumably ever elected sworn in

Mayor Colten Johnson surrounded by his wife Jessica and their four children. Mayor Johnson was sworn in on January 3, 2022 as the new Kanab City Mayor.

Mayor Colten Johnson was sworn in as mayor on Monday, January 3, 2022. Mayor Johnson was born and raised in Kanab, Utah. He is married to Jessica and they have four children; three boys and one daughter. He is currently a full-time teacher at Kanab Middle School where he teaches Language Arts, P.E., and sometimes Social Studies. He’s also an assistant coach for the KHS football team. He says he has a lot of hobbies that revolve around spending time with his family in the hills and out on the dirt roads around Kanab.

“I love spending time out on the family ranch, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working or just going for rides in the truck. I enjoy coaching my kids in sports and watching them in all their activities,” Johnson said.

He saw running for mayor as a way to get involved and try to play a role in helping to preserve the local heritage, family and rural small town feel of Kanab.

“I hope to help put focus on local families and the youth. I also hope to be a part of working with the community to help keep our local economy strong through diversification, as well as working with others to keep our present industries healthy,” he stated.

According to Kanab records dating back to 1885, at 34 years old it is presumed, but not verified, that Johnson is the youngest mayor that Kanab has ever elected. The record books don’t give the age of each mayor elected, but from pictures and other facts, it seems safe to report it as such.

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