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Kanab Farm and Ranch grand re-opening at new location

The Kanab Farm and Ranch store has become somewhat of an establishment here in Kanab, with 15 years of operation in the area. Regulars of Kanab Farm and Ranch will recall its location along Highway 89A, in the vicinity of Little’s Diesel. However, the store has been operating out of a new location at 273 S. Hwy 89A for a while, and according to owner Joe Johnson, the Farm and Ranch store is ready to celebrate opening the doors on its new location.

The Johnsons are planning a grand re-opening to celebrate the new location for Black Friday weekend, November 24 and 25, 2023. Photo by Joe Johnson.

“We were leasing the property, so we always knew that property was temporary,” says Johnson, “but we didn’t expect it to last fifteen years. I’m sure a lot of people know what I mean - between increased material and transportation costs early on, COVID kind of took us for a ride.”

In addition to being a more viable long-term location financially, the new property at 273 S. Hwy 89 A, has a number of other benefits for the business. “For one, it’s got more property, which means more room for additional products and services. It’s right on the highway so it’s got easier access and better visibility. It has extra office spaces that may be available for lease in the future.” Though the move doesn’t have the business going very far, just a few doors down from their previous location, it has the owners excited enough to celebrate.

As the process of getting everything organized and on the shelves concludes, the Johnsons are planning a grand re-opening to celebrate the new location for Black Friday and Saturday 2023 - that is, November 24 and 25.

“We’re just trying to let the public know, ‘Hey, we’re here, the new place is open,’ and make it a good time.”

Raffle tickets will be available all of Friday and on Saturday morning, with the raffle drawings on Saturday at 12 p.m. along with free lunch for everybody in attendance. Attendees who pick up raffle tickets have chances to win some of the products available at Kanab Farm and Ranch, including animal feed, horse tack or even new pairs of boots.

Kanab Farm and Ranch invites everyone interested to visit the grand re-opening on the weekend of November 24, not only to participate in the celebration, but to review what the store has on offer; “we’ve been selling out of a few things preparing for the move, so we didn’t have to relocate the store’s entire stock. Now that the new location is in business, we can start to get all of our products refilled and on the shelves.”




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