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Kanab City Council discusses homeowners insurance

The Kanab City Council Meeting on July 13, 2021, started off with a letter from James Bermant, a resident of Vermillion Cliffs Estates. Bermant wrote about a significant increase in his homeowners insurance due to the lack of fire and emergency services to the county communities, and pointed to a couple of reasons why. Joe Decker clarified the insurance rates are based on proximity to a fire station, and that insurance increases after five miles distance between a home and the nearest fire station.

Jeff Yates stated that historically, five miles was “as far as a horse could run” and the rule stuck. Mayor Robert Houston pointed out this was one reason annexation discussions had been started; to bring the County Residents into the City’s emergency services.

However, with this area remaining Kane County (not Kanab City), it is ultimately up to the County not the City Council to build and staff a fire station. Councilmember Celeste Meyeres stated due to recent fires in California, etc., homeowners insurance rates are increasing across the board.

During the Approval of Accounts payable vouchers, it was stated Kanab City has purchased land to expand the City Cemetery.

The depth of sewer lines in La Estancia Phase Three was voted on and approved. The sewer lines will be allowed to be run at a shallower depth than design standards, and only slab-on-grade homes will be built; no basements will be approved in Phase Three of La Estancia. Decker pointed out that with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property bordering this phase, phase three is “the end of the line.” Josh Beazer from Iron Rock Engineering stated this request is to help with overall infrastructure costs.

Next up, a big congratulations to Brooke Knighton who was elected to the Arts Board with a term ending December 31, 2024!

The councilmembers voted to allow Willow Place Apartments to use a portion of the 300 E. right-of-way for parking and landscaping. Arlon Chamberlain pointed to other businesses along the main drag of Kanab who have done something similar. Chamberlain spoke about how allowing businesses to landscape and maintain curb areas beautifies the city and makes Kanab a nicer place. Beazer assured that the road will not be narrowed at all. Attorney Jeff Stott advised on the recorded easement.

Finally, there was a vote on Fox Minor Subdivision at 172 W. 300 S. that would create three lots from one.

One last concern was raised by Michael East regarding the intersection at Rockin’ V Café (100 W. and Center St.). East spoke with great concern of the blind spots created at this intersection when large vehicles park on the curb. Police Chief Cram stated they are creating a list of curbs that need to be repainted and this curb, as well as the one near Denny’s Wigwam, will be repainted.

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