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Introducing Cari Giles, Kane County Hospital’s Surgical Program Director

Surgical Services Director Cari Giles is excited to serve this community for many years to come. Photo by Ty Gant.

“I’m excited to live and work in a rural area,” says Cari Giles, KCH’s new Surgical Program Director, “and I’ve gotten great feedback from the people around here. I’m in it as long as they’ll have me!”

Giles has years of experience in the medical field, starting nursing in 2010 and working in rural critical access hospitals since 2013. “I’m happy to be in this directorial position – we’ve got a lot we can do to keep expanding our facilities and programs to get people better care here at home … I know what it’s like, trying to get healthcare in rural areas. I worked in Page, so I know this area … our goal is to be able to provide services to the community so that patients and their families can stay in Kanab and receive great care without having to travel.”

As Surgical Program Director, Giles will be over all surgical services, including perioperative services, sterile processing and surgery clinics. She has experience with many surgical services; orthopedics – including joint replacement, OB/ gynecology, podiatry, endoscopies and tonsillectomies top the list.

“My position is to help grow these sorts of surgical services here at the Kane County Hospital,” she stated.

Giles is also a member of the hospital’s new nursing leadership team, noting the hospital’s potential to grow and keep improving.

“We’re looking to expand our services in the coming months,” Giles said. “We can do it, we have the means, it’s just a matter of getting things in place and getting staff trained, techs in place … we’re hoping to offer additional orthopedic and gynecological services in the coming months … I could even see aiming to add a new [operating room.]”

In a release to the press, Giles introduced her husband, Utah Highway Patrol trooper Nathan Giles, their two sons and their families. Giles gave a personal note, “Nathan and I really enjoyed this area before, and are excited to be back this way. We enjoy spending time with our sons, their wives and all of our granddogs – five German Shepherds between the two couples. We also enjoy spending time in the mountains fishing, camping and UTVing. We are looking forward to living in and serving this community for many years to come.”

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