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Honey’s Fuel Center celebrates 20 years and changes hands

Over the past 132 years, thirteen owners have owned the property at Honey’s Fuel Center. In 1892, John Rider was the first owner. In 1893, John sold it to the Honey family’s great-grandparents, Edwin and Ellen Ford. Over the next seventy-eight years, seven other owners never left their mark on the property, except for someone’s temporary fruit stand.

From left to right, photos courtesy of Susan Honey:

  • The Honey family in front of Honey’s Fuel Center.

  • The Fuel Center was purchased by the Honey’s from Laurence Reese in 2004.

Until March 25, 1971, when LaMar and Anita Corry purchased the land and built a new franchise called Mr. G’s Gas and Goodies; back then, all gas stations were full-service. However, this was to be the first self-service gas station in Kanab. The franchise required Corry’s to be open seven days a week, but La- Mar proposed that if they lost any profit by being closed on Sunday, he would reopen, which he never had to do. The Corry’s sold milk at .50 cents a gallon to attract customers and did not sell beers or cigarettes.

Six years later, in July 1977, LaMar sold the station to Beth and Don Pugh, who named it Mrs. G’s. Their daughters, Dixie and Donnell, stepped in to help run the family business. They remodeled and expanded the business to serve hamburgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes that Donnell said, “were really good!”

After eight years, in 1985, Laurence Reese purchased the station and transformed it into a convenience store and Phillips 66 gas station. He installed a canopy over the entire station and created a top-rated business offering discounts to locals.

Nineteen years later, in 2004, Terril and Susan Honey purchased the station and named it Honey’s Fuel Center, located at 344 South 350 East at the base of the beautiful “K” Hill. This scenic spot is where locals and tourists fuel up on their way to Bryce or Zion Canyon, Lake Powell, or the Grand Canyon.

In 2013, Susan took over the business, and today, it was known as Honey’s Conoco Fuel Center. The family- owned business is deeply rooted in community and family values and is proud to be an active part of the community. They strive to provide a pleasant and friendly experience for their guests, while creating a clean family atmosphere that is closed on Sundays and does not sell cigarettes or alcohol. We want to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude to the community for your support over the past twenty years.

Now, in 2024, a new chapter begins for Honey’s Fuel Center. The youngest members of the Honey family, Kristin and her husband Lance Davis, have taken over the reins. They are committed to upholding the legacy of exceptional customer service and cleanliness. They said, “We are excited about this new adventure and are proud to be part of Kanab’s history. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the community for their continued support.”




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