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High speed chase ends in crash, major drug bust

A little after 11 a.m., on Sunday October 23, 2022, a Kane County Deputy encountered a Jeep travelling in excess of 100 MPH about 20 miles east of Kanab. As the deputy prepared to turn around to make a traffic stop, he noticed a Chevy Camaro approaching, also speeding over 100 MPH. He attempted to catch up to the vehicles which were heading towards Kanab and both driving recklessly, speeding and passing on double yellow lines. A call for assistance resulted in another deputy, and a Kanab City Police officer responding to try and get the vehicles stopped.

A car chase through Kanab resulted in the confiscation of large quantities of drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug distribution equipment and a loaded firearm. Photos provided by Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

When the officers encountered the speeding vehicles, the Jeep stopped but the Camaro continued on at speeds over 120 MPH. Once in Kanab, the vehicle turned onto some residential streets, travelling through the Cottonwood area before once again finding its way back onto Highway 89 and heading north. Deputies were preparing locations north of Kanab to set up spikes while the original officers continued to pursue the Camaro.

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Because of speed limitations on the patrol vehicles, the Camaro was able to pull out of the pursuing deputy’s sight. When the deputy crested the hill at about mile post 75, he could see the Camaro off the north side of the road where it had crashed into a cedar tree. The female driver had exited the vehicle and was attempting to flee on foot. The deputy was able to catch her and take her into custody.

The chase ended when the driver of the Camaro left the road and crashed into this tree.

The female, 42-year-old Devnee Petefish, out of Idaho, was transported to Kane County Hospital for examination. Once cleared, she was transported to Kane County Jail where she was booked on drug charges, possession of a weapon, DUI and the many traffic violations she had committed. It was discovered that she also had arrest warrants out of Arizona and Idaho. A search of her vehicle produced a large quantity of methamphetamine and over 900 Fentanyl pills, drug paraphernalia, drug distribution equipment and the loaded firearm. The case is still under investigation.

The Jeep was not involved with the Camaro or the drugs - just wrong place, wrong time and perhaps was caught up in a high-speed game of tag. They were cited for the traffic violations they committed.

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