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High School Happenings

by Kaden Barber

There have been a few big events at KHS recently, and even a few changes. The most recent change is huge. Parents of students may sign a mask exemption form that allows their child to not wear a face covering for any of the following reasons: a medical condition, mental health condition, or intellectual or developmental disability.

From my own observations, there are many who have signed the exemption. For more information on this topic, or any other topic involving Covid-19 at Kane County schools, you can visit the school website and read through the press release that has all of the information on the topic.

Those who picked up trash (l-r): Rylee Park, Jessica Shewmaker, Mason Porter, Alex Maddux, Christiane Turner.

The main focus of this week’s article is to highlight a really cool event at KHS. Just recently there were some KHS students who got to participate in something really important, just in time for Earth Day. Dreamland Safari Tours started their Earth Day celebrations early with a big, local garbage clean-up project. They already donate to a global program called “1% for the planet,” but they decided they also wanted to do something locally.

Dreamland invited four students from KHS to participate in this garbage clean-up. On Friday, April 9, the four students who volunteered to help went to the Peekaboo parking lot and trail to start their clean-up. Because of the recent boost in tourism, there has been a lot of trash that had to be picked up.

After spending a few hours picking up every piece of trash they could find, Dreamland took the students on a tour through Peekaboo to see it in all of its glory.

A couple of weeks later, Dreamland picked up trash on a four-mile stretch of Hancock Road leading from Highway 89 to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Even after they filled up an entire truck with trash and ran out of trash bags, they still felt like they had only scratched the surface of how much trash is actually out there near the sand dunes.

Dreamland was very generous to pick-up a ton of trash and invite local students from KHS. It is important to keep our home clean, and it is also important to get involved. Dreamland Safari gave these students the opportunity to do both.

Things are always happening or changing at KHS, and this week’s update is a good example of that. Hopefully next school year, we can still have more things happening, but fewer things changing. (Thanks a lot Covid.)




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