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Hello! My Baby brings Tin-Pan Alley to Kanab

The community theater in the Kanab area is putting on their rendition of Hello! My Baby this week! The high-energy musical has an old-fashioned Americana feel, and the actors tap into the big radio Broadway-style with aplomb - if you close your eyes, you can practically hear the music playing on an old early 20th century radio broadcast. With a cast and crew of local volunteers, and music played by the Symphony of the Canyons, the production has a homey feel that suits the material well.

The cast of Hello! My Baby giving their bows after a successful dress rehearsal on Monday, August 1. Be sure to head to Kanab High School this weekend on August 4, 5, 6 or 8, to jump back in time of the Tin-Pan Alley era for a viewing of this high-energy musical. Photo by Ty Gant.

SUNews is grateful to have had a chance to attend the dress rehearsal on Monday, August 1, to personally witness the hard work put into this production. The highlight of my viewing experience was probably the delivery of the comedy - the show got some genuine laughs out of the audience, and it helped keep the pace of the story moving. There’s also plenty of slapstick and visual comedy, so don’t be afraid to bring younger members of the family along. For those planning around bathroom breaks and child sized attention spans, Monday’s dress rehearsal clocked in at a little under three hours, with one act break in the middle.

According to the Symphony of the Canyons, this show is a special tribute to their conductor, Kortney Stirland, who will be retiring soon. The show highlights his phenomenal piano skills, as well as gives the opportunity for other members of the symphony to take up the conductor’s baton. Stirland has expressed his excitement for this production, specifically citing the joy of being able to feature local youth in a show designed around young actors.

Tickets to the show are available for $15 a head available online at the Symphony of the Canyons website and can be purchased at the ticket office at the Kanab High School venue on the nights of the production. Hello! My Baby opens on Thursday, August 4, and goes on the following Friday, Saturday and Monday.

As a little hint for the viewing experience - audience members are encouraged to pay close attention to any repeated lyrics over the course of the musical, particularly the titular number - you’ll be glad you know the words by the time the show is over!

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