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Glendale Apple Festival still thriving in 24th season

Karen Williams, proprietor of Karen’s Old World Bakery, specializing in “home produced artisan breads, pastries and gelato” spearheads this year’s program of activities. She graciously describes what it’s all about.

The Chris Paul Band hailing from Kanab composed (left-to-right) of Jak Allen on bass, Troy Jones on keyboards, Bobbie Broadhead on vocals and tambourine, Chris Paul horsing around on drums and vocals, Mariah Wheeler vocals and tambourine, Tony Schoenfeld on guitar. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Butterfly-eyed Brynli Dering, eight-year-young third grader, ready to try her luck with a spin of the Wheel of Fortune. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

“So, this is the 24th year of the Glendale Apple Festival. We use it as a fundraiser for town beautification. And we’ve used it to buy playground equipment and all kinds of things for the town. This year’s been really great! There’s a ton of vendors; we’ve got a live band; there’s a dinner tonight. We did crafts and games today. There’s paintball today; we’ve got a game together.” That to be monitored by her husband Chris, an Ironman athlete and executive in a paint-ball business.

“We have a beautiful hand-made quilt that we’re raffling from Joanne Lamb here in town,” she continues. “And we have some other prizes that we’re raffling-off from local businesses. So, we’re just trying to be able to promote some kind of event for people to come together in our community. And I think it’s turned-out really beautiful.”

Curtis Roundy, Wildlife Resources Restoration Biologist, $250 prize-winner of the Adult division, placed this shot with his first attempt. “I guess I kinda’ loosened-up on the course out there today and started shooting pretty good. And it just felt rock-solid when I anchored-in and let it rip and hit the apple at 78 yards.” Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Mayor Dan Spencer is point man for the annual William Tell Archery Tournament, a 3-D shoot comprising a 10-target hillside course, which according to the adult Apple Shoot winner Curtis Roundy, “started-out with a deer, and some armadillos, and an alien looking gargoyle dude, and a zombie dude. Just a fun course of uphill shots, downhill shots with limbs sometimes.”

Spencer tells it that he’s “pretty excited they pulled in about 500-bucks, and that was just in entry fees.” All to augment the three $1,000 donations from Alton Coal Development, Scott Lamb and Kane County’s Tourism and Travel Council, as well as from some small local businesses.

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Ivan Spencer, Valley High School junior star-athlete, winner from 40 yards in the Junior division along with its $250 check and $350 PSE bow, which he immediately sold for $200. Says Spencer, “Oh, it was just about having fun at the Apple Festival, just shooting bows with everyone, having a great time.” Here with his Hoyt Pro-Defiant Turbo, Hog Father sight, FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) arrows set up at 70 lbs. “I like it,” he added enthusiastically. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

In addition to the $250 checks for the three Adult, Junior and nine-and-under Apple Shoot division winners, there were given PSE Brute bows valued at $700 for the Adult and $350 for the Junior. Other prizes were such as arrows, targets, broadheads, rangefinders and lock-releases.

An array of quilts by Glendale artist Clara Maxwell on display in Town Hall. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Apple concessionaire/candidate Jared Brinkerhoff with his wife Kristy and family: Kaylee, Kenzee and Bryce. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Porter Fritz Roundy, eight-year-young third-grade son of Glendale’s Randy and Emily, scored this shot earning him a $250 payday and brand-new bow. He confides his ulterior motive: “I came out here to have a fun good time to try and win a bow for my little brother Chad. And it’s just pure fun!” Photo by Jerry Melrose.




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