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Fredonia Youth T-ball a big hit so far

We all know that T-ball is the most enjoyable age group to watch when it comes to baseball and softball! Kids run to third base instead of first, the outfielder is picking dandelions and the second baseman is dancing on the base. Or the kids forget positions all together and they gather together, waiting with excitement to see who can grab the ball first. It is so fun to watch as they hit the ball and it creates complete chaos!

This is only a small handful of the many youths participating in T-ball this year in Fredonia. Photo submitted by Brooke Kimball.

Fredonia gets double the excitement this year as we have not one, but two T-ball teams! It is so exciting that so many kids are participating and we hope that they continue to participate as they get older. The teams have been practicing and have had a couple of games already. As expected, the games were a little chaotic, but the kids are having a blast! That is all we care about at this age is that they have fun!

If anyone needs some entertainment, the games will continue on Wednesday nights at 5 and 6 p.m., Arizona time.

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