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Fredonia schools lock down due to reports of armed individual

Shortly before 9:30 MDT on the morning of October 2, a suspicious individual near the Fredonia Schools was reported to local law enforcement.

According to Fredonia High School staff, “It was a little bit of a scare, but a good practice run for lockdown procedures.” Photo courtesy of the Town of Fredonia.

Described simply as a male carrying a rifle near Hortt and Sage Streets, officers from the Fredonia Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Coconino Sherriff’s Office, Kanab Police Department, Utah Highway Patrol and Kane County Sheriff’s Office quickly mobilized and began searching for the individual.

Fredonia Schools immediately implemented their lockdown procedure. Kanab Schools were also notified as a precaution and local law enforcement were stationed at each school – Kanab Schools were not placed on lockdown and classes were not interrupted.

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The individual in question was located exiting the Fredonia Short Stop gas station. During questioning he stated he had been walking home from the Fredonia shooting range to repair his damaged gun when he was spotted near the schools. After he heard reports that officers were searching for a male with a gun, he realized he was the suspicious individual. He said he attempted to call the police department to identify himself and report he was not a threat.

Further investigation determined he did not enter or attempt to enter school grounds while carrying his gun and was not acting with malicious intent. As no crime was committed, the individual was released. Thank you to our local officers and surrounding agencies for your prompt and thorough response!

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