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Fredonia Elementary Kindergarten welcomes Pipe Spring Rangers

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, the Fredonia Elementary School kindergarten class welcomed Pipe Spring Rangers, Darcy and Sam to their class.

From left to right. Photos submitted by Heather Russell.

  • Ranger Darcy helping Ryder and Arianna create their corn husk dolls.

  • Ranger Sam guides Desiree in making her doll.

  • Mrs. Chell’s kindergarten class proudly show their corn husk dolls.

The Rangers took the opportunity to talk a little about Pipe Spring and then asked if the class would like to make corn husk dolls. A resounding “YES!” was the answer. The Rangers had the students sit at tables of three to four students and passed out four damp corn husks to each student. Then, each student placed the corn husks pointed side down and, with the help of Mrs. Chell, Mr. Goode, Miss Heather and the Rangers, the husks were tied together to make the doll. The students were able to semi-personalize their doll with long arms, short legs or flyaway hair. Each doll was unique and the students couldn’t contain their joy in what they had created.

Mrs. Chell would like to thank Ranger Darcy and Ranger Sam for all their hard work and dedication for making this an activity that kindergarten students would not soon forget.

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