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Fire at Amangiri Resort during annual maintenance

On the evening of Friday December 9, reports came in of a fire at Amangiri, a local hotel and resort. According to Big Water Fire Chief Rob Barnett, “we got called out to a fire, we went out there and did our jobs and came back.” According to Chief Barnett, nobody was harmed in the incident, and the fire was dealt with promptly. “Any further information will have to come from the Amangiri people - they’ll decide how much information is shared about something that occurred on their private property.”

Photo courtesy of Amangiri Resort staff.

Amangiri’s executive assistant corresponded with the report, stating, “During the hotel’s seasonal closure for annual maintenance works, there was a minor incident at the resort on December 9, which was promptly handled by the property’s team. We are pleased to report that there were no injuries nor damage to the property and that the resort is operating as usual!”

There are some rumors reported by sources outside the resort that the fire was a result of a guest, and that personal-scale fireworks were involved, but these rumors are as of yet unsubstantiated - as above, per the Amangiri staff, the incident occurred when the hotel was closed for maintenance. There was a fire, the fire was dealt with promptly with minimum damage and no personal injury - beyond that, this report has no confirmed facts regarding the source of the fire.

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With Amangiri’s operations uninterrupted by the fire, interested readers can check openings and make reservations at their website, as well as the resort’s social media presences on Instagram @aman, and Facebook @amangiriresort. Parties involved offered their gratitude to the Big Water Fire Department, as well as the Amangiri property team that managed the incident.

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