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Crowds gather for best small-town Fourth of July in America | Parade Float Winners

KANAB, UT - The Fourth of July celebration in Kanab continues to grow every year and has become a popular hot spot to celebrate the birth of our nation. This year, hundreds of locals and tourists poured onto the sidewalks of main street dressed in red, white, and blue to celebrate what is truly great about small-town America.

The Kanab backdrop is illuminated as spectators view an epic fireworks presentation at Jacob Hamblin Park. Photo by John Slot.

I’m biased, but I claim Kanab provides the best Fourth of July small-town celebration in all of America. Like every year, the streets were lined with friends and family, tourists, and transients. If you recognized someone from your past, or met someone new, it always feels like you are connected to them after sharing an Independence Day in Kanab. There’s a bond shared through the celebration of freedom and the safety we all enjoy walking the streets during the parade, getting hit in the head with candy, having water sprayed on you, and smiling through it all in the dry desert heat.

The festivities continued at the Jacob Hamblin Park, just a few blocks north of Main Street, and always shines bright as one of the best parks in southern Utah. Tucked under the rising red plateaus, it provided the perfect backdrop for what locals call the best firework show in America, and for newcomers a show like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. It’s no wonder the grassy park filled hours before dusk as the residents claimed their favorite spot for the display. As parking gets harder and traffic delays increase, it proves the popularity of Kanab’s celebration continues to grow.

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The skate park and basketball courts stayed full all day as kids took in the last bit of sunlight before the sun went down and the fireworks show began.

water truck
Parade-goer isn’t afraid to cool off the right way! The young’uns aren’t too sure if they want to try it out. Photo by Neal Brown.

The entertainment, food, vendor trucks, and hometown people make Kane County’s Fourth of July festivities something that everyone should experience at least once. As the show ended, cars empty out of the parking lots and life gets back to normal. The memory of having a day to relax with those who matter most in our lives before the weekly hustle begins again will linger on.

night time park
The Kanab City Park on the night of July 4, where crowds listened to the good ole’ country crooning of Rhyolite Sound Band as they waited for the main firework event to spark off. Photo by Neal Brown.

If a positive imprint of Kanab was felt, I’m glad we have the freedom to share that positive impression with others.

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