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County Commission considers ordinance to become a Second Amendment sanctuary county

Kane County Commission presenting extra miler awards. Commissioner Heaton, Bert Reeve, Nick Hoyt, Sheriff Tracy Glover, Commissioner Chamberlain.

The Kane County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday, May 11, at 10:00 a.m. at the Kane County Courthouse.

The meeting opened with a public comment period. All comments were made with regard to a petition requesting that the commission pass an ordinance declaring Kane County a second amendment sanctuary county. The petition, which was started by Judy Wooley, has collected 237 signatures.

Wooley commented first, stating that “the reason for an ordinance versus a resolution is [that] ... an ordinance would actually put some teeth into it in terms of having people protect us and our rights.”

Susan King, a Kanab resident, agreed with Wooley that “resolutions ... are symbolic and not enforceable” suggesting that Kane County pass either an ordinance making the county a second amendment sanctuary or pass an ordinance similar to one recently passed by Iron County, which created a constitutional review panel consisting of the county attorney, the sheriff, and a commissioner. Such a panel, according to King, “would establish that Kane County would nullify any unconstitutional legislation.” King cited a quote from Sheriff Jared Rigby of Wasatch County as an example of what signers of the petition are asking from the commission: “Whereas Wasatch County Council seeks to promote confidence in the local government by unequivocally recognizing the United States Constitution as supreme law of the land, including the Bill of Rights and its other accompanying amendments.”

Jeff Schwilk, a member of a local gun rights group, said he received 63 responses in support of an ordinance in an online survey through the Kanab Patriots Facebook page.

Mark Kubeja, said, “We need an ordinance to protect us from what this administration is pushing on America ... this is what protects us from tyrants.”

Charles Wooley commented that if the commission opts to form a constitutional committee like Iron County that it include citizens who are “knowledgeable in the entire Constitution” in addition to county officials.

Following the public comment period, the commission approved the consent agenda, check edit report and meeting minutes from the previous meeting on April 27, before entering into the regular session.

Carrie Schonlaw, the Deputy Director of Aging and Human Services for the five Southwest counties, discussed the program and its use of funding. “Our role is to look at the supports and services and needs in local communities and then help those local communities in addressing those needs,” Schonlaw said. The Five County Area Agency on Aging works with local counties to determine the needs of the local senior citizen population. Its role includes providing training and technical support, and funnelling state and federal funds to the counties. Supporting services provided by the agency include transportation assistance, check-ins, activity coordination when the senior centers are open, and resource education.

Rhonda Gant and Sheriff Tracy Glover awarded two Extra Miler awards to correctional officer Bert Reed and nurse Nick Hoyt for their handling of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the Kane County jail.

The Commission discussed the petition for the second amendment ordinance, agreeing to draft the ordinance with the county attorney and citizen input and put it on the next meeting’s agenda.

The Commission approved an ordinance adopting the amended East Zion Community Reinvestment Project area plan as approved by the Kane County Redevelopment Agency as the official community reinvestment project area plan for the project area and directing that notice of the adopted amendments be given as required by statute.

The Commission approved the disposal of county equipment no longer in use.

The Commission approved an agreement between the United States Department of Agriculture forest service and Kane County law enforcement.

The Commission approved several requests from the Office of Tourism, including a proposed equipment deposit schedule for events equipment, the donation or sale of old and unused equipment, a list of shuttle drivers, and a local fee increase for use of the Kanab Center.




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