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Community Youth Coalition attends national leadership forum

By Corban Kerr & Morgan Wood

Members of the Kane Community Youth Coalition (KCYC) attended Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America’s (CADCA) National Leadership Forum in Washington DC, in early February. The Leadership Forum provides substance abuse training prevention and networking opportunities for youth coalitions and professionals from around the country. Members of the KCYC attended the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) day of training, where they learned ways to create partnerships with other departments like the police force to create more events in the community.

From left to right:

  • Members of the KCYC from left to right: Kaylen Troutman, Miranda Kirby, BrookLyn Bauer, Kyson Kenworthy, Corban Kerr, Robert Peterson, Dallin Corry.

  • Meeting with a member of Senator Lee’s staff in the Capital Building.

  • Speaking with Senator Romney in the Russell building on Capital Hill. From left to right: Senator Romney, Corban Kerr, Kaylen Troutman, BrookLyn Bauer, Robert Perterson, Dallin Corry, Kyson Kenworthy, Miranda Kirby, Morgan Wood, Lisa Church.

The KCYC also learned how to help prevent substance abuse and how to prevent suicide ideation through healthy habits. The KCYC also had the opportunity to meet with legislators in Washington DC including staff members from Senator Lee’s office and Senator Romney. The youth advocated for the passing of the Social Media Child Protection Act, sponsored by Congressmen Stewart and the Kids Online Safety Act, sponsored by Senator Blumenthal, which would both in tandem do more to help children avoid the dangers of social media use and provide parents and states more power to protect children and adolescents. Talking with Senator Romney was a wonderful experience for the youth. Senator Romney was friendly and was willing to listen and expressed support for their cause to do more to remove phones from students in the classroom. The youth also had the opportunity to speak with one of Senator Lee’s staff members. He was kind and very interested in hearing what the coalition was doing in the community.

The KCYC’s adventures in Washington DC were undeniably informative and exceedingly fun. They were presented with many opportunities to learn about the country as they visited different sights including national monuments and historical sights. Some of the most impactful of these sights for the youth were the Holocaust Museum, the Capital Building, and the Arlington Cemetery. The KCYC’s trip to Washington DC was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who was able to attend.

The Kane Community Youth Coalition is a dedicated youth group focused on building an engaged supportive community, centered on healthy, prosperous living, free from substance abuse and suicide. The KCYC would like to thank the Kane County Commissioners for their support of this trip.




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