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City of Kanab welcomes Danielle Ramsay as Treasurer

Danielle Ramsay, previously the Director of Recreation for Kanab City and assistant director for the local Office of Tourism, has assumed her duties as Treasurer for Kanab City. “You wear a lot of hats as the Treasurer,” said Ramsay, “but I think my strengths are in building relationships. A lot of my experience with tourism and recreation was in building those relationships and making connections - so the HR role of the treasurer is kind of where my experience translates the best, I think I can make some major improvements.”

Kanab City Recorder Celeste Cram swears in new Kanab City Treasurer Danielle Ramsay. Photo by Kanab City Manager Kyler Ludwig.

After the interview process, Ramsay was appointed by the Mayor and approved by the city council. She was sworn in at the end of December 2022 to take up the treasurer position in 2023. “They’ve already started the interview process for the Rec position, hopefully they’ll be able to announce the new Rec director within a few weeks.” Ramsay said of her former role. To her successor, whomever that may be, Ramsay advised, “it’s okay not to do it all yourself - I created a lot of extra work trying to do everything on my own. Be ready for the summer time; you go from managing two full time employees to managing thirty when the pool opens up.” Of highlights for her former position, Ramsay said without hesitation, “the kids and the volunteers. The real paydays of this job were things like watching the youth tackle football team take the championship, or our youth swim team taking their regionals. That’s what I’m gonna’ miss - things like watching a kid who has never picked up a basketball before score his first basket. And of course, the life guards - working with those high school age kids was so much fun.”

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Looking forward, Ramsay mentioned what most excited her about her new job: “Getting to understand city government more is exciting, learning all this new stuff … especially the funding side of things. It’s an exciting challenge to balance all of these roles, Treasurer, managing the cemetery, HR … and it’s a good opportunity for a better schedule for my family. I can do this job and do good work for the city of Kanab, then come home to my kids.”

Ramsay offered her gratitude to everyone who has helped her along her career path to this point, along with special thanks to the kids, volunteers and parents who participated in the recreation programs, “the rec department wouldn’t run without them.”

Ramsay is sworn in and is already assuming her duties as Treasurer; interviews for the Recreation director position will likely have already begun by the time this report is printed. Interested parties can inquire at the Kanab City Offices, next to the Kanab Center. We wish Kanab’s new treasurer the best of luck with her new role.




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