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City manager resigns

The Kanab City Council meeting held on March 22, heralds somewhat of a shakeup for the management of the city. The meeting started fairly standard, with some changes and updates to policy regarding parking space in the town. Expect to see more shady spots and curbside landscaping in bigger parking lots in the near future. Further progress was made with the annexes on the west side of Kanab Creek as some lots were managed and combined. The final item on the agenda, as City Manager Joe Decker put it, was the “bittersweet” announcement of his resignation from the City Manager position. Each of the members of the council expressed their gratitude for Decker’s service, and discussions are underway regarding the process of appointing an interim manager, then staffing the position in the long term again. The city council will meet next week to formally start the process; check out the city’s website for specifics on public hearings.

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