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Buffalos ramble into the Old Capital for more qualifying marks

On a drearily cold, cloudy rain-threatening St. Patrick’s Day Eve, the Valley Track team trekked north in the wee dark hours for Fillmore and the Old Capital Invitational. Although not optimum conditions for notching personal records, Head Coach Joseph Sorensen acknowledges that improvements have been struck-up toward their ultimate individual and team goals.

In his assessment of the meet’s yield, he shares some notable strides, saying, “The State qualifiers were Kimber Reeve in the Discus; she wound-up with 107 [feet] and second in Javelin. Elora took fifth in the two-mile. Elora did awesome; she really ran a good race! We had Jane Jennings qualified in the 200 [meter.] The Girls Relays qualified the week before, but they took a little bit off their time this week. We had a lot of kids that were super-close: Maddie Cox in the 200 and 100. Brianna Martinez was one inch away from qualifying in the High Jump. Boede [Cox] was one second behind in the 400 [meter.] We have a few hurdlers this year. All young and still learning technique, but getting better every week. We’re hoping the weather helps us out and the kids can run their best at Pine View this week.”

Here are the resulting statistics for the girls on the day. In the 100 Meter Dash: #9 Maddie Cox [14.25], #10 Jane Jennings [14.28], #43 Annabelle Leyland [15.31], #44 Isabella Barrick [15.38], #68 Raigen Frost [15.97] and #74 Elora Williams [16.22]. The 200 Meter Dash: #4 Jane Jennings [28.72], #7 Maddie Cox [29.05], #34 Annnabelle Leyland [31.31], #38 Karsi Cox [31.83], #46 Isabel la Barrick [32.47], #50 Raigen Frost [32.83], and #63 Brianna Martinez [34.98]. The 400 Meter: #24 Macey Griffiths [1:17.59] and #29 Brianna Martinez [1:21.62]. The 1600 Meter: #28 Marlee Hoyt [7:22.12] and #32 Kaitlynn Baird [7:33.58]. The 3200 Meter: #5 Elora Williams [14:36.31].

In the 110 Meter Hurdles: #17 Macey Griffiths [20.32], #26 Karsi Cox [21.56] and #37 Desi Sorensen [23.27]. The 300 Meter Hurdles: #27 Desi Sorensen [1:07.09]. The 4x100 Meter Relay: #4 Maddie Cox, Isabella Barrick, Jane Jennings and Annabelle Leyland [55.90]. The 4x400 Meter #6 Brianna Martinez, Kaitlynn Baird, Krysta Nelson and Jane Jennings [5:12.00]. The High Jump: #11 Brianna Martinez [4-06] and #17 Krysta Nelson [4- 04]. The Long Jump: #11 Maddie Cox [13- 10], #28 Isabella Barrick [12-10], #36 Annabella Leyland [12-4.5] and #43 Krysta Nelson [11-2]. The Discus: #8 Kimber Reeve [88- 10.5]. The Javelin: #2 Kimber [107.2].

Then, these are with the Boys. For the 100 Meter Dash: #50 Warren Spencer [13.12]. The 400 Meter Dash: #10 Boede Cox [55.78]. The 4x100 Meter Relay: #7 Warren Spencer, Johnny Cox, Justin Baird and Boede Cox [49.52]. The 4x400 Meter Relay: #4 Warren, Holden Harris, Justin and Boede [3:59.30]. The Long Jump: #22 Boede Cox [15-9] and #33 Justin Baird [14-8]. Discus: #18 Holden Harris [95-2.75], #21 Johnny Cox [94-2] and #43 Colt Reeve [79-5]. The Javelin: #8 Johnny Cox [132-4.75], #29 Colt Reeve [100-3] and #34 Holden Harris [92- 11.25]. The Shot Put: #19 Colt Reeve [33-5] and #41 Holden Harris [29-11.5].

Next comes the Pine View Invitational in St. George on March 22 and 23. This time, with the able assistance of newly-hired Paul Cox.




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