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Buffalo linksters swing to victory on Thunderbird course

On Thursday, March 28, both Boys and Girls golfers prevailed into first place finishes at home during the second tournament of the season. The girl’s entourage led all-comers with five entering the Top 10 Individuals class designation! Rachel Cox (#3) paced the squad with 87 strokes; Kaylee Brinkerhoff (#4) brandished an 88; Jane Jennings (#8) joined with 97; last tournament’s team-leader Julia Hoyt (#9) had 99 to round out the top four-player winning total of 371, which didn’t require the addition of either Kimber Cluff (#10) with her 103 or Emma Cox’s 122. Rachel was only four strokes behind Tailyn Ambrose’s Milford mark of 83, and two away from Wayne’s Savannah Williams with 85. Tournament totals included Milford’s 382, Wayne’s 392 and 488 by Panguitch.

This season’s Valley Golf Team (left-to-right): Coach Jeremy Chamberlain, Waylon Spencer, Ivan Spencer, Warren Spencer, Johnny Cox, Keenan Chamberlain, Boede Cox, Julia Hoyt, Kaylee Brinkerhoff, Kimber Cluff, Emma Cox, Rachel Cox and Jane Jennings. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

Kaylee Brinkerhoff, as a veteran heading into her third go ‘round, enthusiastically shares her perspective on the team’s progress, “I think it was awesome, I really do! With all of us really putting in time, work and effort in golf, we’re really together as a team. We’ve worked hard and we’re ready for a good golf season. Kimber Cluff is doing amazing! She has started golf without knowing anything about it, and she has, through hard work and dedication, taken the time and the effort to understand golf, learn golf and had fun with it. I would love to see her continue throughout her high school years.

“Jane Jennings is amazing! She just started golf and she’s a pro! I think she’s gonna’ be one of the best girls we’ve ever had on our golf team. In her first year, she’s already pushed into the Top 10. She’s so dedicated and so good at anything she does. I really think that with this strong team that we have here, it’s gonna’ be a great season. Along with Emma, these freshmen, they’re just coming right up and making us together as a team. They see their potential and they’re working on themselves. Together we’re creating a team!

“I think what’s really great is Rachel and me are doing great, and it’s been really great working with her throughout these years of golf. She’s seen both of us struggle through our swings and really end-up getting it and being able to go to a tournament and place in the Top Five with both of us. It really is so amazing to see some of these girls start golf this year, and some of the girls come back and just really show how they have worked hard and kept their swing even though it’s a new season.”

The boys placing as #1 with 292 was forged having four members in the Top 10. Ivan Spencer’s (#3) 70 was once again just a single stroke from the lead of 69 by Swade Olsen, tied with Miles Hinkle. Waylon Spencer (#4) weighed-in with 73; Keenan Chamberlain (#6) kept-up with 74 and Boede Cox (#7) brought-in 75 toward the total team score. Johnny Cox (77) and Warren Spencer (86) completed it with their contributions. Wayne trailed at 307; Panguitch, 309; Milford, 318; Piute, 347 and Bryce Valley, 367.

Coach Jeremy Chamberlain succinctly commented on the state of his squad’s endeavors, “Well, we performed OK today. We were expected to, it being our home course. Some of our younger players played really well and helped the seasoned golfers; so, that overall team score was better. Ivan didn’t play as well as he thought he was going to; so, he’s out there practicing right now. But, a good day: weather cooperated with us. We’re back on track. Hopefully, we continue to win.”

True to form, Ivan was loading his clubs into the rear-bed of his pick-up after practicing putting on Hole 9. “Well, I think as a team we’re growing and getting better,” he confided. “I mean, the first tournament was rough; we ended-up losing. And then, we’re expected to win this; it’s our home course. And that’s what we ended up doing! Now, we just gotta’ prove that we can win somewhere else. And then, pull together as a team. And, I think, individually we’re still growing and getting better. And I see Waylon and Keenan, and all those guys, coming up and they’re competing. They’re doing good.”

“I just need to hone-in on most of my putting. I mean, I had 13 birdie putts, or right around there somewhere, and only ended-up with one birdie on the day. And so, I think there’s definitely improvement. I mean, it’s the second tournament of the year. I think that as a team and individually, we will grow and get better.”

During the spring break, those not vacationing met at the Thunderbird Clubhouse on Tuesday afternoon, volunteering to perform any ground duties needing attention as a gesture of appreciation for their generous support. Next on the team’s agenda will be a tournament at the Cove View course in Richfield on April 11.




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