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2022-23 Kane County Princess Sheridyn Hoyt fulfills the Promise of her stated platform

Foreword by Sheridyn Hoyt:

The first ever Little Miss Kane County Pageant of 2023!! Sheridyn Hoyt ran the whole thing by herself. It was super stressful but all of these girls made it so worth it! Sheridyn’s platform for when she won Miss Kane County Princess 2022 was on self-esteem. She has seen low self-esteem in people around her and how it can lead to depression or suicide. This just proves how important it is to love yourself, be yourself and not act like someone else. And she wanted to show these 13 little girls their self-worth and inner goddesses. When these girls performed, she saw their true beautiful personalities. They all worked extremely hard and were so kind to one another. They all looked beautiful and were so perfect! Most of them walked in to practice shy and not knowing anyone ... but in the end they all couldn’t stop talking and had 13 new friends (including Sheridyn. She also made 13 new little friends this summer!) Sheridyn really hopes they all learned more about themselves and had just as much fun as she did!

Main Article:

On Friday evening, July 21, the inaugural Little Miss Kane County Pageant was hosted in the Valley High School Little Theater by its creator, the reigning Miss Kane County Princess, Sheridyn Hoyt. Through the gathering of two dozen commercial and individual entities, she was able to fund a $300 scholarship for the Little Miss winner and another $100 for the Mini Miss selection voted for by the three invited judges; they were Miss Piute County Kinley Shakespear, and Miss St. George Brynlee Hartshorn and Michelle Hartshorn.

From left to right:

  • The “mini” and “little” Royalty post with Princess Sheridyn Hoyt. Photo courtesy of Brittany Hoyt.

  • Here are your Royal Court members of the first-ever “Mini Miss” and “Little Miss” Kane County Pageant. They are (left-to-right): Mini Miss Second Attendant Jemma Staples, Mini Miss First Attendant Maycee Millard, Mini Miss Kane County Lydia Geiger, Little Miss Kane County Harley Sharkey, Little Miss First Attendant Haven Allen and Little Miss Second Attendant Sadie Brinkerhoff. Photo by Jerry Melrose.

  • Talented young ladies showing off their incredible skills! Photo courtesy of Brittany Hoyt.

With a program consisting of a performance of a self-chosen production number and talent display, an additional on-stage interview (questions revealed in-advance to the Mini Miss category and drawn from a transparent bowl by the Little Miss contestants) and a gowned evening walk were required.

Mini Miss girls were Haiven Johnson, Remingtyn Johnson, Lauren Rose, Oakley Roundy, along with Second Attendant Jemma Staples, First attendant Maycee Millard and winner Lydia Geiger, eight-year-old of Kanab. Of her experience, she says, “It feels great; it is the best.” As a career goal, she wants to be a chef. Her favorite recipe these days is a type of soup with cornbread and beans. She likes watercolor painting, and doing arts and crafts in general. Her secret in this event: “I guess I practice a lot.”

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The Little Miss contestants were Evelynn Geiger and Amelia Staples, along with Second Attendant Sadie Brinkerhoff, First Attendant Haven Allen and Little Miss Kane County, Harley Sharkey.

The 11-year-old youngster acknowledges, “It was good to know that I did my best; and it proved me right. Just trying to keep my nerves and just make sure to smile. And show the judges that I could be kind and happy.” On the horizon: “Actually, I want to be a Marine Biologist.” And, not to be forgotten, “Thanks to my grandma for helping and my mom for doing my dress.”

Wrapping-up an exemplary job well done, the entrepreneurial Valley High School junior confides, “When I won Miss Kane County Princess, my platform was on Self-Esteem, and I wanted to give back to the younger generation of our community. So, I did a Little Miss Kane County Pageant for ages six to 12. They were all so brave to go up there and dance and sing, and dummy-rope their hearts out. They were so cute. And I loved every minute of it. And it was all worth my time.”




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