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Southern Utah News Front Page: January 23, 2020

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Kane County Hospital Phase One finished

The emergency entrance was recently remodeled at Kane County Hospital. Photo by Laurali Noteman.


By Laurali Noteman

In September 1997, we held the grand opening for the new Kane County Hospital (KCH) at 355 North Main Street in Kanab.

Twenty years later, KCH needed a regulatory upgrade to pharmacy, enhanced patient privacy, a nurse’s station with better line of sight accessibility, a more gracious dayroom and dining area for the residents, and more office space.

In May 2017, the facility’s Master Plan was designed to meet those needs. In January 2018, the Request for Proposals were sent out for the design and engineering services for the expansion and remodel. The project would take approximately 18 months and be done in two phases.

Phase One began in December 2018, and is completed and occupant ready as of January 20, 2020. In this initial phase the exterior of the facility received a facelift, which compliments the surrounding landscape.

The interior is brighter with the use of natural lighting and vaulted entry. The resident area has an open dining room with kitchen and an attached dayroom, giving the residents, friends and family more options for time together.

Phase One met so many of the Master Plan goals, with overall cost effectiveness and updated atmosphere, which is apparent as you pull into the patient parking area at the front of the facility.

The new Emergency Entrance will not only allow ambulance and motor vehicle access, but a walk-in entrance with a waiting area.

The south Nurse’s Station in the acute care area allows the nursing staff better visual access of the ER and patient care areas. Controlled access has been established for the safety and welfare of all patients and staff members.

There is a new CT room with easier access and more maneuverability. New procedure areas have been added with privacy a priority, as well as utilization of space and personnel. The administrative offices are open with additional storage space conveniently located for business office personnel.

Patients were a little flustered at first trying to find which way was which, but honestly everyone was tolerant and accepted the need for change.

Business Office personnel had to do a temporary relocation until their offices were completed, but they have found their new workspaces open and less restrictive. All staff members and patients have flexed well, which at times was not easy.

The construction crew, Big-D, has been great. They have put patients first, as well as respecting the need to keep the hospital up and running 24/7.

In Phase Two, there will be more attention to controlled access, again for patient safety, the pharmacy will be brought up to the latest regulatory demands, central supply will be larger and accessible to the appropriate staff members, and the patient recovery area will be enhanced.

KCH is planning an open house tentatively in late summer of 2020. Hospital administration would like to thank all patients and guests for their patience during Phase One, and are confident everyone will be as considerate during Phase Two.

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