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Southern Utah News Front Page: December 13, 2018

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Meet new Kanab City Rec Director Dan Ellison

New Kanab City Rec Director Dan Ellison with his wife Kirsti, son Logan (six) and daughter Charley (two). The family recently added another child, Jett.

By Dixie Brunner

“Seeing this job opening was a dream opportunity,” said new Kanab Recreation Director Dan Ellison. “It was right up my alley, getting an opportunity to create events and opportunities for better community health and wellness.”

Ellison was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. He later attended school at Utah State, where he met his wife Kirsti. They were familiar with Kanab, because his wife Kirsti’s sister and brother-in-law, Meghan and Neal Brown, lived here. They loved visiting the area, and when the job opening came up, they jumped at it.

“I’ve always loved living an active life and playing sports. I played basketball and wrestled,” said Ellison. “Kanab was everything we were looking for in a community.”

Dan and Kirsti Ellison recently welcomed their third child, Jett, into the family. He joins older sister Charley, two, and older brother Logan, who is six.

Ellison has been on the job since October, and has been staying busy running current programs, creating a new recreation website (, writing a new mission statement, and organizing future programs/events.

The new mission statement is as follows: “Kanab City Recreation is committed to health and wellness opportunities by providing programs, events and facilities that improve the quality of life for citizens of all ages.”

Citing a few recreational events coming up locally, Ellison said the Girls Junior Jazz sign-ups will be available at website, and will be held January 2-11, 2019.

There is a disc golf tournament at Jackson Flat Reservoir in the works. Also, a community-wide weight loss challenge is planned in January, with exercise challenges and prizes for participants.

As for facilities, Ellison praises the beauty and diverse recreational opportunities of Kanab City and the Jacob Hamblin Park complex. The old middle school gym near the Kanab City Offices will begin renovations in early spring of next year. “Credit goes to Larry H. Miller Charities and the Utah Jazz organization for financial help,” said Ellison.

“I just want to thank the parents, volunteers and sponsors for all they do, without you we wouldn’t have a recreation department. The youth programs have always been strong, but we are looking forward to creating programs for all ages,” said Ellison.

Ellison encourages people to stop by the city offices and introduce themselves. You can contact him at or call 435-644-2534. “I welcome all feedback and ideas.”

The new Rec Director is already a good public relations person for the area. “Kanab is a city celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and temperate climate,” said Ellison. “Because Kanab has so much to offer, I am committed to the health and wellness of our citizens and tourists. I invite you to get involved with Kanab City Recreation today.”

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