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Southern Utah News Front Page: April 23, 2015

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Glover at the helm of Kane County Sheriff''s Office

By Dixie Brunner

Sheriff Tracy Glover’s sentence is for four years, but if he keeps up with the same behavior he’s demonstrated in the past 15 years in the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, he just may be in for life!

Elected in November of 2014, Glover took office in January. After beginning his career as a Kanab City Police Officer, he had been with the Sheriff’s Office for the past 15 years, serving as the Chief Deputy to former Sheriff Lamont Smith. He is POST certified, has taken many leadership courses, most recently the Rural Executive Management Institute from the University of Arkansas. He is an active member of the Utah Sheriff’s Association, the Western States Sheriff’s Association and the National Sheriff’s Association.

To further demonstrate Glover’s capabilities in getting something accomplished, he was tasked with the lead on the new public safety facility. “The jail is one of our (the Sheriff’s Office) departments. I was asked to be the project manager from the county’s side, from start to finish. There was definitely a learning curve in the planning and construction process, but looking back, I would have to say it was a good experience”

In that capacity, he had a multi-tasking role representing the Sheriff’s Office, along with the Kane County Commissioners, and working with the State Legislature. The public safety facility was built, and most would deem it a success.

“The state contracts with us at a rate of $49.34 per day to house state prisoners. The 192 bed facility has the capacity for 166 contracted beds,” said Glover. “We also manage a substance abuse treatment program for 66 of the state inmates. Our average state inmate bed count is around 157.”

That arrangement brings in just under $3,000,000 a year, which Glover said has covered the operational costs, as well as paid the bonds. With the new facility, the Sheriff employs 50 people, which has added approximately one million dollars of payroll since the new jail opened.

“When we were first looking at the issue, we wanted a smaller facility,” explained Glover. “We were looking at 100 beds, but once we looked at the operational efficiencies and the economy of scale, the finances work out much better with the larger facility. We run it like a business, and if it breaks even, we’re happy. Cost versus revenue is always a challenge. We are hoping to pay off the bonds early.”

Managing the public safety facility is just one aspect of Glover’s job. The Sheriff is responsible for the patrol division, major crimes task force, 911 dispatch center, emergency management, civil process, (papers served for court), court security, and search and rescue. Given the enormity of Kane County, that’s no small order.

As for crimes that have had a significant impact on Sheriff Glover through his years in law enforcement, there have been two unresolved capital murders that stand out, as well as many heinous sexual crimes. Deputy Brian Harris’ murder still weighs heavily on all of the Sheriff’s Office staff. He was a valued employee, a friend and a wonderful man.

Glover said that especially in his role as the drug task force commander, he’s seen many drug crimes through the years. There has also been an increase in burglaries on Cedar Mountain, and Glover was pleased when good police work done by the Kane County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of the notorious Mountain Man.

As for trending crimes in our area, Glover said that they have seen a significant increase in drug activity. “We are seeing it all over Kane County and Fredonia, and seeing younger kids involved with hard drugs.”

Glover is a family man. He and wife Debra have been married for 21 years, and have four children, one boy and three girls. In any rare spare time, the family enjoys hiking the local trails and riding ATV’s.

Sheriff Glover hopes to continue to employ solid staff members, and provide a compassionate, helpful and professional law enforcement service for a reasonable cost to the citizens of Kane County. “I’m excited to be the peoples’ Sheriff,” said Glover. “I’m honored to serve in the county I love and will try to do a good job for the people.”


Alldredge named Chief Deputy


Alan Alldredge brings a wealth of experience to his new role at the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Recently named Chief Deputy, he is also the county’s emergency manager. “We’re finding the way on how to merge the positions,” said Sheriff Tracy Glover.

Alldredge is no newcomer to emergency and law enforcement in Kane County. He has worked as an EMT for eight years, and was with the fire department for 18 years, 14 years serving as fire chief. He worked for Kanab City a year as a patrol officer. He then took the position with Kane County as emergency manager, and has worked in that capacity for eight years.

As emergency manager, Alldredge is tasked with keeping up with emergency plans and keeping people trained, with the majority being volunteers. “It’s a challenge keeping those people enthused and trained, while meeting federal guidelines.”

As for the changing of the guard from former Sheriff Lamont Smith to his then Chief Deputy Tracy Glover taking over the elected position, Alldredge said the transition has been smooth. “I enjoyed the eight years with Sheriff Smith. Tracy has always been good to work with. He has been great at getting good training for the Sheriff’s Office employees. Kane County is a good employer.”

“One of the reasons I asked Alan to be my Chief Deputy is that he’s so organized,” said Sheriff Tracy Glover. “He is fiscally responsible and continually gets updated on new emergency management and law enforcement issues. He can keep things in order.”

Order is a necessity, when providing law enforcement to the approximately 4,000 square miles of Kane County! The county has authority and jurisdiction, even in the nearby national parks and monuments. “Any time there is a criminal call or death, we have to be there. We get to spend a fair amount of time traveling,” said Glover.

Alldredge expressed concern about the bad press law enforcement is currently receiving on a national level because of the poor decisions of a few officers. He believes with social media, there is quicker scrutiny. He said he is proud of where he works, and the professional behavior of Kane County Sheriff Deputies. “The Sheriff’s Office is operating well. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Alan and wife Rinda own The Junction Drive In restaurant in Kanab. They have five children, four sons and a daughter. Alan has been actively involved in his church and the community, spending many years in the scouting program and coaching sports with his children. In any free time the Alldredges can squander, they love to go to Lake Powell, or to Salt Lake to visit children and grandchildren


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