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Significant flooding warrants cleanup in the Kanab area

Heavy rain resulted in major flooding along Kanab’s roadways and homes on Wednesday, September 13, prompting response from local emergency management agencies and volunteers.

Photos courtesy of Lt. Alan Alldredge, Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

The flood carried mud and debris along its flow path, depositing piles of detritus in catchment areas and generally leaving significant mud coverage in parking lots, driveways, homes and businesses.

Emergency management officials with Kane County and Kanab City both offered their gratitude to citizen volunteers, many of whom offered cleanup services, sandbag packing and machinery to mitigate and recover from the flood damage. According to the local Fire Department, a large portion of the pre-packed sandbags that were able to be deployed before the flooding became too heavy was thanks to the efforts of local youth groups - says Fire Chief Brett Pierson, “It really saved us, we were able to have them ready when the rain started … We appreciate the help from all the Photo courtesy of Lt. Alan Alldredge, Kane County Sheriff’s Office. volunteers in the public, they got involved quickly.”

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As the local area navigates its monsoon season, authorities encourage citizens to become familiar with flood mitigation methods available to them in their local area, such as sandbag distribution points and emergency broadcast systems like Everbridge. Kane County, Kanab City, the Town of Fredonia and the Orderville and Glendale Fire Departments all have contact information where citizens can look for additional information for emergency preparedness.

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