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Pigskin Predictions Winner Week #3

First off, I have to apologize to Homer and Pat Blankenship. In last week’s article with Homer as the winner I thought I had listed their ages as 86 and 85. But somehow it ended up in print as 96 and 95 (damn fake news). Either way, you both look very good!

Gwen Corson had eight correct to win Week #3 of the Pigskin Predictions football contest. For her expertise she received $50 in cash from Karsten Josie of Zion Pharmacy. Good job Gwen! Photo by Dennis Brunner.

Now … on to the winner of Week #3 of the SUN’s Pigskin Predictions football contest. In another tough week, with most players getting only five or six correct, Gwen Corson was able to predict eight winners. Way to go Gwen! She only missed Indy over Tennessee and UCLA over Washington State. For her prognosticating prowess, Gwen wins $50 from Zion Pharmacy.

Five players had seven right, including myself. I was especially happy because I finally beat Mike Davis, who could only muster four. In your face Mike! Others with seven were Jerry Hermansen, Scott Buckner, Rocel Bettencourt and Don Corry. Don, make sure you put the name of the winners in the correct numbered boxes at the bottom. I had a little trouble deciphering your entries.

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In the battle of the sexes, Donnie Riddle finally bested April, with six to her five. Kerry Glover also had six correct, to Becca’s five; as did Daniel Gilberg over Andrea, 6-5. Darcie Alldredge kept her domination over Garrett, getting six right, while he finished last for the third straight week, this time with two correct. Garrett, a little advice, maybe this week pick who you think will win, then put down the exact opposite. I’ve tried that a few times and it does work … sometimes.

Neal Brown did a little better this week, with five correct. You must have taken my advice and gotten some help from Hendrix! Pat and Homer Blankenship also both had five right this week, as did their neighbor OC Dale.

Just to make you players feel a little better about yourselves, I’ll try to make the picks a little easier this week … NOT! Anyway, good luck on Week #4.

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