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Long Valley Lions Junior Rodeo Series final rodeo

The last rodeo of the Long Valley Lions Junior Rodeo series was held on Saturday. With good weather the kids were able to finish up the series on a strong note.

Left to right, photos by Julie Heaton:

  • Bronx Withers (13) with a great dismount to tie his goat.

  • Jett Jennings (6) Starting the pole bending pattern.

  • Harper Heaton (7) is flanking her goat to tie.

The results will be posted later for the series winning. Lots of kids have worked hard and some age groups and events were close.

All should feel like they accomplished something great. Most feel very lucky and fortunate to be able to participate in such great rodeos. The board and many parents work tirelessly to pull these events off. This series draws families from all over southern Utah. They all speak of the great atmosphere and camaraderie they feel while participating. Everyone is helping everyone to succeed. Thanks for the great season!

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