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Lady Lynx Volleyball seals first two wins of the season

The Lady Lynx sealed their first two wins of the season this past week against Shonto and Music Mountain.

Left to right, photos by Brooke Kimball:

  • Danailee Tait swings for the point.

  • Charlie Anderson goes in for the kill.

The team traveled to Shonto for a Varsity only match on Thursday September 14, and the girls really found their stride! They worked as a team and were spiking the ball more than they have in their past games combined! The girls’ passes were right where they needed to be, which allowed their setter to set up perfect balls for the girls to kill.

Lainie Heaton (Sophomore) played her first game as the varsity libero and not only did great with her passing but served eight in a row to give the girls a big lead. Charlie Anderson (Senior) led the team with over ten kills followed by Danailee Tait (Senior) with at least five kills. Anderson also had a serving streak of fifteen in a row that sealed the win for the Lynx. Some of the younger girls also saw some playing time which was great. The Lady Lynx swept the Shonto Grizzlies in the last match with a win of 25-3.

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The Lady Lynx hosted Music Mountain on Saturday September 16. The Junior Varsity did a great job working together and getting some bump-set-spikes of their own. There were hardly any serving errors and their dialed in passes allowed them to set up the ball and get some good hits for points.

The Junior Varsity did great and won their game. The Varsity girls started off great and did really well with their serving as well. The Music Mountain Warriors struggled to return the ball and the Lynx won the first two matches with ease. The Junior Varsity played the third match with Senior Captain Charlie Anderson as their leader. The Junior Varsity girls kept their same level of play as they did in their own game and were able to take the final third match for the win. It was great experience for the younger girls to get some Varsity playing time and it was great to see the lynx find their stride this week.

The Lady Lynx will have a double header with both Junior Varsity and Varsity on Wednesday September 20, against Williams. The game will be on the Lynx Home court and start at 2 p.m. Arizona time. Best of luck to the girls, go get some more wins! They will also play Thursday September 21, at Water Canyon. Go support your Lady Lynx!




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