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Kane County Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop Board donates over $470,000 for new equipment

The Kane County Hospital was equipped with some shiny new machinery this last week, courtesy of the Hospital Auxiliary Board - that’s the body that runs the Thrift Shop in Kanab, all of whose proceeds go straight to the hospital for projects just like this one. This wave of funds went to replacing hospital machinery, in this case an ultrasound machine, CT scanner and a new neonatal care unit. According to hospital CEO Kurt Loveless, “the previous machines were working alright, but they had reached what the industry calls ‘endof- life.’ That means they’re obsolete models that aren’t getting maintenance support from the designing company anymore, and that warrants a replacement.”

Members of the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop Board, left to right: Mary Jensen, Mary Smith, Hospital CEO Kurt Loveless (back), Peggy Bunting, Sara Ann Mortensen, Christy Cordwell, Glenda Winget. Photo by Ty Gant.

The staff and technicians at the hospital look forward to the improved machinery. The new ultrasound equipment has significantly improved image quality. The new CT machine has quicker and more precise scan time, higher resolution and better breathability. According to one of the technicians, “CT’s can be a little claustrophobic. The new one is so much easier on people who have a hard time breathing or sitting still.”

The new natal care unit is a mobile station equipped with all sorts of new baby care options. Per the hospital staff, “This machine is designed to help transition a newborn after birth. It’s got everything we need to regulate temperature, help with breathing and even resuscitate if we need to. We’ve got that equipment in the hospital elsewhere, but this unit means we can take care of the baby in the room, without having to take them away from mom - everything can happen in the room, rather than taking the baby away to the nursery. This is pretty much proven to help health and happiness for both mom and baby.”

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The Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop was on hiatus during the writing of this piece due to the roof needing some repairs, but according to members of the board it should be open and accepting new items by the time of print. Anyone can donate to the thrift shop, located on 41 S. 100 E. - right on the curve of Center Street, next to the Kanab Center and the museum. Donations are typically made in the rear of the store, via the driveway and parking shared with the hotel just south. As mentioned, all proceeds go to the Kane County Hospital.

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