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Kanab High students receive Mid-Utah Radio Athlete of the Year awards

Grayce Glover and RJ Mognett, both newly graduated seniors from Kanab High School, each won Athlete of the Year in their respective sports from Mid-Utah Radio.

The Mid-Utah Radio Sports Athletes of the Year are voted on by fans, coaches, and broadcasters. The fans account for 20 percent of the overall vote, while the coaches’ vote counts as 40 percent. The Mid-Utah broadcasters vote counts as the final 40 percent.

Glover was awarded Girls Basketball Player of the Year for her performance in the 2021-2022 season. Regarding the award, Glover said, “I am very grateful for this award. It means a lot to be recognized for the extra time and effort spent in the gym!

“I’m happy with our team’s 2022 season. I had no doubt going into this season that we would achieve amazing things because we had such a special group of people. The family culture that our amazing coaches developed on the team is what high school sports is all about. There was a true love for everyone on the team and I’m so thankful for the confidence that put into us. The awesome community support through the season made the ending so much sweeter. I can say this season is one I will never forget because of the support we received.”

Asked about her plans for next year, Glover reported, “Next year I will be playing basketball for Snow College and getting a degree in Sports Medicine.”

Mognett was awarded Baseball Player of the Year for his performance in the 2022 season. “I feel very grateful and honored to receive this award,” Mognett offered . “It goes to show that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I wouldn’t trade my 2022 season for anything! It was the most fun of my four years. Even though we came up short, I’m not going to let that define our whole season. It’s the lifelong memories, friends you make and lessons you learn that matter.

“I am very happy with my performance in the field. In the box I started out a little bit slow, but once I got my mojo back, I felt unstoppable. My coaches really helped me get through the mental barrier I had at first. Mason, Craig, Justin, and Chubby D all pushed us to reach our max potential every day, leaving nothing on the table, and I want to thank them for that. I also had the best group of dudes to be around, always cracking jokes, but knowing how to flip on their game faces. And they always brought the best and most supportive fans to the stands. Kanab has the best moms and dads out there.”

Asked about his plans for next year, Mognett said, “Next year I’ll still be in catcher’s gear. I haven’t decided where I’m going yet, but the baseball will always be flying.”

Congratulations to Grayce and RJ – Kanab is proud of you!

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