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Garkane's electric transformers on back order due to manufacturer delay

by Garkane Energy Cooperative

An example of a Garkane single-phase pad mount transformer, located in the Kanab Creek Ranchos.

A combination of multiple factors has caused a large back order on single-phase pad-mount transformers. We have received notice from our wholesale distributors that two of the three major manufacturers of transformers are no longer taking orders for pad mount single-phase transformers and it may be up to a year before they start again. This will greatly affect Garkane’s ability to provide service to members who are applying for a new service to their property under construction and/or current members applying for upgraded existing service.

Garkane has inventory on hand, but it is expected that this inventory will be used up before receiving our next order of transformers, which was placed six months ago. We have additional orders on file with manufactures and have been told to expect delivery to be delayed. Garkane is taking all steps to stretch inventory as far as possible to serve its membership, but because manufacturing conditions are not improving, we now expect delays will be unavoidable.

These manufacturing delays are due to a combination of multiple factors, including a substantial increase of demand for transformers, natural disasters, manufacturing labor force diminishing, delay in materials and supplies and other supply chain issues.

Rest assured, Garkane is utilizing every resource available to find needed materials and equipment from multiple sources to serve our members’ needs.

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