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Fredonia Police Department welcomes two new officers

The Fredonia Police Department has hired two new police officers. Previously of Williams, Arizona, Officers Tracy Cooper and Nik White bring 25 combined years of experience between them, and are welcome additions to the force.

Fredonia Officers Nik White (left) and Tracy Cooper (right). Photo by Daisy Johnson.

Since its establishment in 1885, Fredonia has had many memorable law enforcement officers. However, the new officers joining the Fredonia Police Department are already distinctively noteworthy - Officers Cooper and White are the first female officers in the 138 years of Fredonia’s official history.

Now with four full-time officers – one of which is a certified K-9 Handler – and one reserve officer, the Fredonia Police Department consists of a well-rounded team with a variety of specialties. The Fredonia Police Department continuously strives for excellence, while at the same time offering round-the-clock assistance to local citizens. Thank you to our officers for all you do to protect and serve!

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