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Fredonia High School hosts an Enchanted Evening

This past Saturday, if you would have gone to the Junior Prom held at the Fredonia High School gymnasium, you would have walked through a flowered archway and onto a candlelit forest pathway. Upon entering the building, you would realize that the theme of the prom was An Enchanting Evening. There were twinkling lights, green vines, beautiful flowers, lit lanterns, magical mirrors, golden butterflies, mushrooms and many other woodland items. It truly felt like walking into a magical forest!

All photos by Brooke Kimball.

The night started by announcing each of the junior couples and then the big moment for announcing the junior royalty. The royalty was crowned as follows: Brayden Ford as Duke, Roxy Tait as Dutchess, Treyston Jones as Prince, Danailee Tait as Princess, Tyler Cutchen as King and Rylee Anderson as Queen. The royalty was well deserved for those that gave a lot of time and effort to put the prom together.

The students then got into position to dance their carefully choreographed promenade routine. It is always fun to watch the girls twirl in their gowns and their partners did a great job keeping in time with the choreography! They danced to Taylor Swift’s - “Enchanted” which was very fitting for the theme and a perfect song for the couples to promenade to. The dance was choreographed and taught by Leisel Pectol, who they were so appreciative of! Many parents and family members supported the class by coming to the promenade dance and crowning of the royalty. The parents were then encouraged to come forward and share a dance with their children. Dads snatched up their beautiful daughters and Moms grabbed their handsome sons to take advantage of the special opportunity.

The kids all looked great in their gowns and tuxedos as they danced and enjoyed themselves. The junior class did a great job making the night amazing, and the decorations were right on point. Although the numbers were fewer than seen at proms in the past, the kids had a great time dancing, singing, taking pictures and eating the delicious snacks that were provided. Only a handful of kids made it until the clock struck ten, but it was an enchanting night for all who attended!

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