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Fredonia High School celebrates successful Homecoming week

Fredonia High School celebrated Homecoming last week with the theme “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.” They kicked off their homecoming week with an 80s dress up day on Monday, October 2. The school decided to switch up and do a basketball tournament with the girls in the classes instead of football for their “powderpuff” game.

The winning float by the Junior class. “Up!” Photo by Brooke Kimball.

Tuesday was the color battle. Each class picked a color to wear, and later in the day went to battle with chalk powder. Kids and staff ran around the football field spraying chalk powder on anyone they could reach! Everyone walked away looking very colorful and tie-dye!

Wednesday was an unusual dress up day called “rhyme without reason”. Kids dressed as pairs such as mobster- lobster, maternity- fraternity, Mr. Worldwide-countryside, etc. The creativity of their costumes was fun and impressive! They also watched the skits that each class prepared that was based on the theme.

Left to right:

  • Homecoming beauties at the dance. Photo by Brooke Kimball.

  • The cheerleaders show off their school spirit and talent. Photo by Brooke Kimball.

  • Color battle! Photo by Brooke Kimball.

  • The juniors take on the faculty in the peach fuzz tournament. Photo by Alexis Martin.

Thursday was blue and white character day. There were many blue M&M’s roaming the halls as well as Cookie Monsters and Smurfs! The students and staff had a fun time playing in the “Peach Fuzz” (volleyball) tournament. The students put up a good fight but the faculty took the championship title!

Friday night the local firefighters assisted in the school’s bonfire by the dike. The cheerleaders led a pep rally while the community and students drank hot chocolate and ate doughnuts. It was a fun night for everyone to get together and show their school spirit!

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The school spirit continued into Friday here the community lined up for the Homecoming parade. Each class had a float for their royalty and class. Everyone did a great job on the floats and there was plenty of candy thrown! The most memorable float that took first place, was crafted by the Junior class. The float was “Up” themed and featured a house with balloons representing the dreams being achieved! It was great to see the community support the school in the parade and also the volleyball and football games! We live in a great community with some great students!

The royalty for the middle school was Tyren Begay and Sadie Woods. Freshman royalty were Finlea Lathim and Dreyden Jones. Sophomores were Isaac Sample and Vasey Yellowhorse. Junior class royalty was Nevaeh Benson and Paul Woods and the Senior royalty was Treyston Jones and Roxy Tait.

The students finished off their fun and busy week with a homecoming dance Saturday night. It was a homecoming to remember!

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