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2023 RMPRA Pro Rodeo Finals highlights

Glendale’s Josh Jennings sails his lasso halo during the calf-roping event of the 2023 RMPRA Pro Rodeo Finals, where he scored his three-leg tie-down task in short order: 14-seconds flat for fifth-place. Season-wise, he wound-up placing fourth while pocketing a hefty $3,097.41 in take-home pay. Photos and captions by Jerry Melrose.

Left to right, photos and captions by Jerry Melrose:

  • Bronc-buster Mathew Hart celebrating his successful eight seconds with a crowd-pleaser showboating tip-of-his-hat just as his mount makes a sudden left turn directly in front of the delightfully thrilled full-house grandstands, scoring 81-points for his efforts. On the just completed season, he took home $706.14 for his 14th-place mark.

  • Barrel-racing around the first two of Parry Lodge’s decorated oil-drums on her way toward the third while facing the setting sun in the Kaneplex Arena’s west-end turn into her strapping hell-for-leather home-stretch to cross the finish-line beam she flies, hair flowing in the wind.

  • Although disappointed in his desire to make a good showing due to an unfortunate painfully hard brush-up leaving the chute for his saddle bronc ride, 2023 Valley High School graduate Zane Monnett required assistance returning from the arena after being unceremoniously being bucked-off. Here his vital-signs are being checked by Classic Air Medical physicians. Nevertheless, he was able to garner a season-long purse of $1,243.47 for 11th-place, as well as 23rd-place in bull-riding with $710.40. Currently on the Western Texas College Rodeo Team out of Snyder, he gained media attention through his televised First-place performance in their finals meet at Texas Tech in Lubbock. For that win he won an event-specific engraved shotgun and buckle to go with the $1,000 prize money.

  • Carston Smith flailing away aboard his air-borne snot-nosed carrier under the watchful eight-second official timer (upper-left). As of these Rocky Mountain Professional Finals, this cowboy claims $2,1968.68 for his overall 11th-place finish.

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